F/A-18 Hornet


more renders!
its almost finished (the ouside) i guess its only missing details now, like cannon gun holes pylon details, refuel probe and ladder.
then i’ll start the inside parts, like landing gear, cockpit, seat, gear/brake wells, etc etc

i just cant set up a good scene, guess ill have to change my materials, but i prefer modeling with the standard max shader with different colors, so lame renders until i finish my model

C&C if you want to. i tried to keep the geometry as clean as possible, but that plus micro chamfering for the hard edges doesnt go well, so i have some lame bumps all over the fuselage, where i extracted parts, because i didnt want to apply one or two levels of subdivisions into my mesh. i’ll try to optimize it once i finish.

hope you like

(landing gear is just a place holder, ill model a better one later)


Looking good so far. It’s a nice bird to model I think, both tricky and very easy parts if you want to do it a 99.9% correctly :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


Very nice attention to the details, I love it :slight_smile: Looks like a very clean and accurate mesh to me.
Can’t wait to see the progress!



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