F/A-18 Hornet


just another f-18 im making for an animation.
finishing the model, but still a lot of work to do.
dont have time to set up a scene right now, so i just rendered with vray environment light and ambient occlusion. cant see the details that much, but its just a WIP you know
c&c welcome. tips aswell, if you feel like. thanks


Coming along very nice. Nothing to critique on yet but will keep watching your progress.


You said it’s for animation, so, how detailed you will be making it?
As much as possible or limiting…?


as much as possible. though some of the detail (most of the minor details) i’ll be making with bump / displacement maps :slight_smile:


quick update:
an amraam i made to put on the wing side mounts


found some time this afternoon, so here are some minor updates:

the only thing im not gonna go further in detailing (for now) is the engine. im only modeling the parts that are visible from outside


any suggestions? :slight_smile:
even like “make a better clay render!” or “show us some wireframes!”

anything is accepted folks. thanks


cant wait to see the final thing… :beer:


Nice details,and clean modeling so far.
Are you going to animate those nice exhaust nozzles?If yes,what will be your approach?
(I’m working on an animated TVC for my Su-30MKA)


yep! everything that moves will be animatable! (well, almost everything lol)
let me do some quick renders and post here later


ok the video is taking a little longer than i expected…

so, i tried to get more details on my shots, especially for a full body shot, and tried to add something so the environment light would bounce, but the grey color bleed too much over the body and meh, i just dont have much time to test quick renders. so if anyone would like to give me some tips on it, i’d really appreciate.

so i quickly rendered the full body with mr sun & sky, to see it a little better.

still working on the model, now gonna try to break the wings so i can fold them, and then extract the canopy…



ok, so i finally managed to detach the wing tips and make the foldings properly by locally subdividing it. luckly i managed to keep the form. here are some updated pics
third pic has the control surfaces deployed as they are already rigged. landing gear is an old version, wich is not much detailed, wont be this one in the final version
now i need to detach the canopy, and gear doors

please, C&C, thanks

and cheers :slight_smile:


thanks for comments people, but wow, 2 weeks now and not one single suggestion/criticism :frowning:


there’s not much to comment, the model looks very good and the landing gear also seems really detailed :slight_smile:

I’m waiting to see how the cockpit and textures turn out :slight_smile:


You want C&C?

Your model is nice,but it will be better after detailing the cockpit.Maybe it’s due to the perspective,but the nose looks thinner than the real thing.


thanks people!

i keep pushing forward to start the cockpit because it’ll be lots of work :stuck_out_tongue:
but eventually i’ll have to make it

the nose looks thinner, i know, but as you said, thats because of the camera perspective. since the model is in real world scale i have to put the camera too far so i can view the entire model, and that ends up distorting the image.
but im sure its on the correct size, i double checked with more than 1 blueprint, when i render it out with phisically correct camera units it will look more natural :slight_smile:

right now im working on the tail hook, and the inner part of the engine exhaust, but im moving to another apartment, gotta other stuff to do, not much time to work on it.

hope i can post more pics soon
thanks for the comments guys



this is how i rigged the nozzle:

the blue point helper moves everything around, so i could position it on the right place
the big green helpers are wired to a slider that control their rotations, and the smaller helpers are orientation constrained to the biggers. the mesh is linked to the helpers obviously
simple as that, i guess :slight_smile:


ok so heres a quick update, i finally extracted the canopy and the air brake, also made the antennas and some minor details

my renders came out too bright, and i dont have much time to render close up shots right now, so heres a quick screen grab:
hope you like it :slight_smile:
c&c if you want


Good to see you getting closer to the completed model.Are you planning to model the whole canopy?


you mean like detailing the cockpit and instrument panels?
well yeah! lol

but first i gotta extract landing gear doors, and rig it
still lots of work to do

thanks for comments!