F-71 Talon (sci-fi fighter WIP) (Advice and critique appreciated!)


I’ve started working on a new fighter model, very different from my last one. This one is meant to look more sleek and stealthy by comparison. It’s based heavily off of the Ho-229 amongst other aircraft. Here’s my concept sketch:

And so far I’ve got what I think may be the final mesh:

I’m debating whether to axe the VTOL engines I had in my original sketch or to keep them.
Thoughts and feedback always appreciated of course!


Some more progress I’ve made, still very preliminary since there’s a ton of detail work I have yet to do:

I’m primarily testing out different textures for the aircraft model. Not sure what I’ll go with in the end.


Some more updates:


I can’t decide how metallic the texture should be. Here’s a more metallic version:

Thoughts on metallic vs not metallic?


Another iteration:

The line grooves are a bit too deep, so my next iteration will make them shallower.


Some more updates! I’m getting closer I feel, but there’s one shot that I’m still super unsure of:

In this last shot here, I don’t quite like the look of the texture. I’m not sure why, but it seems too, clean maybe? I’m not sure what my base texture is missing.

I definitely do need to fix the cockpit window, it’s looking really odd.

Please if anyone has any critique/advice to post I’d love to hear it!


Right so I made a ton of changes:

I feel like this looks better, but I’d definitely like to get some feedback!


Some more updates:

I’ve reworked a lot actually this time around. Does anyone have any thoughts?