Eyes rigging?


How to rigg eyes to make them follow /rotate locator? … smothing like 3d Max look at constrain…:smiley:


No problem at all. Create a locator, shift select the eyes and apply an orient constraint. Now the eyes are always oriented like the locator. Parent the locator under the skeleton.

Another possibility: Make two locators in front of the eyes and set them up as AIM constraints for the eyes. It is important to set the aim and up axis correctly!


I don’t use max so you’ll have to explain yourself further.

The simple eye rig i used last time was this:
sdk switch between a orient like rotation control, and an aim at target
eyeball->2 curves controls centered and oriented with the eye
1 curve->aim constrain at target
1 curve->orient like main controller
eyeball->orient constraint to both curves.
sdk to switch in between the two constraints.
hide curves

The reason i used the control curves was simply that aim and orient constraints don’t mix well.


A little complicated… hmm… but works… THANKS :slight_smile:


btw man, your siggy is wrong its Do or do not, there is no try.



i use a simple aim contraint, but why the need for the orient, ok if this was a cartoon character that had its eyes rolling about, who gonna animate the aim curve ging all round the charcter to make it look like its eyes are rolling, but would you use this in a realistic rig, just wanna know. Im not a noob when it comes to contraints and rigging, but i just wanna make sure.



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