eyeon Production Pipeline (EPP) – Open Source Workflow Independence


eyeon Production Pipeline (EPP) – Open Source Workflow Independence

Toronto, Canada: July 4, 2013
Leading VFX and Broadcast software developer, eyeon Software, announced today the shipping release of EPP, eyeon’s latest solution to drive production efficiencies and productivity.

A forerunner in tools that provide a very fast, responsive, and highly-productive experience, eyeon Software introduces EPP. EPP’s benefits can deliver cost savings as the paths now live on global space that is accessible to all products. In contrast to conventions, EPP’s approach is far less error prone, taking care of specifying the paths. Artists are no longer required to learn the internals of the filesystem and can work directly with the shots and assets managed by the pipeline.

Instead of relying on restrictive databases, EPP works around simple XML files that can be easily copied to other machines or facilities. More than a suite of scripts that provides flexibility, EPP is a way of working that offers a fully-functional starting point to manage folder structures for projects, shots, and data. It is available in source code to extend and modify as required however EPP is customizable without knowledge of programming by editing simple XML setting files.

EPP is available as a binary installer but also in source form as python scripts hosted at github. Since EPP is released with an unrestrictive NewBSD license, everyone is invited to adapt, change, and contribute to this project.

A key component to EPP is the out-of-the-box integration capabilities with Generation. Designed to sit on everyone’s desktop, Generation will not only save time and money, facilities now have a snapshot of production overviews to see precisely where they stand on each project. These reports can be as simple as a text document or include as much data and imagery as required, all automated and provided in whatever format best serves each department.

“It’s one of the reasons I enjoy making more movies. In the old days, it was cumbersome. Now it’s an interactive process. We constantly see shots and how they develop
You can actually add to the quality by noting different things.”
[right]Roland Emmerich, White House Down[/right]

As part of the new EPP toolset, Generation has been updated to version 3.1 and includes a number of new features.

Typical Workflow Software Supported in EPP

• 3DS Max
• Adobe products
• Arri
• Avid via eyeon Connection
• Blender
• Canon
• Cinema 4D
• Edius
• Fusion
• Houdini
• LightWave
• Maya
• Nuke
• Sony
• And more

Generation Highlights Include
• 120FPS HFR and 4K Stereo playback
• Logical effect stacks combined on a flexible timeline
• Direct connection to Fusion
• Event scripting to support numerous pipelines, (i.e. Adobe, Autodesk, The Foundry, Maxon, Side Effects…)
• Completely scriptable (Python and LUA)
• Artist and shot assignments
• Annotation and communication
• Timeline creation
• Tangent Wave support
• Artist Configurable Metadata Environment (ACME)
• EPP is completely Open Source to the VFX and post-production communities
• Stereo features have been extended
• The EDL workflow has been remodeled

“We are glad to support a community that has been contributing free macros, scripts, and plugins over the years. Open source allows us to initialize a common project for our customers where everyone can benefit from each other’s contribution. This demonstrates why it is important to us to offer customization options that significantly improve the workflow.”

[right]Blazej Floch, EPP and Technical Specialist, eyeon Software[/right]


epp on github
epp download on eyeonline


Looks nice, but could you be a little bit more specific on what EPP (without Generation) exactly does?
Is there a GUI from which you create folder structures? What else?

Thank you!


The add_project and add_shot guis will create directories inside this folder.
from the epp github wiki
so you can create projects and shot folders from gui

i did NOT use it yet, but from my understanding you can use the python api of EPP in any other app to save your work with the right naming convention into the right folder


(sorry for typos - from mobile device)

The epp script suite for now has the mentioned Project and Shot creation options through generation. You will be able to manage the shots in Generation and update newly created versions of compositions automagically.

Other than using a shot by shot based dialog it also allows you to load a bunch of clips and create a shot from each selected clip in a batch, while parsing the filename based on a configurable expression.

Think e.g. you have clips like:

and only want to create shots named: 320, 200, 250 …

Each project or shot can be based on a template - so you can have different types of projects or shots. Additionally you can create subfolders for subprojects, or subshots.
So something like


Similar you can make shots like:

All names and numbers above are just examples.

Now on the compositing side you have a “save as” script which saves from a list of available projects and shots. You can specify a name, while comps named like the shot will be updated in generation as mentioned above. Think of precomp or utility comps.

Savers and paths will be created for you - as many as you like and a new version script can be used to keep all savers in synch while automatically updating the version in file and path names.

Internally all shots and paths are derived from the xml file in the proper shot/project. So instead of relying on hardcoded paths epp will parse the xml and get the path from this based on an id. This allows you to change paths in mid project. Or even create your own implementations for 3rd party apps that have custom tags to paths.

e.g. all comps are stored in a “compositing” subtag. Where ever in the directory structure they are. Generation projects are in the “generation” subtag. etc.

Additionally the xml parser allows you to define template files that can be copied (global references, documents etc.) as well text files inline which can parse certain variable during the creation of the project/shot.

That his roughly all it does for now - but we for sure have more ideas and are looking for more feedback. We will create a google group for epp, so keep an eye on this thread - I will post the link.

Blazej Floch
Senior Product Specialist at eyeon Software


Wow I havent updated my profile for a while :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for the explanation! I’ll take a closer look as soon as possible. We really need to do something pipeline-wise, so maybe this will be a good start.
We’ll have to hook up Nuke in some way, but that shouldn’t be a big problem. :wink:


Please post press releases in the dedicated Press Releases forum instead of CG News.


I am facing a major problem with Fusion 6.4 x64

I made a composition on fusion 6.4 x64 in which there is a Background (forest image) and Foreground Video file of tiger on green screen (tiger.mp4). The comp. size is 5000x3000…the tiger footage I imported is of 1280x720. When I use the ultrakeyer on the Tiger file, it cleans out the footage but the output makes the main background(comp) black , but when I open this same composition on another PC with Fusion 5.2 then this black background problem does not occur…I am able to work there but in here Fusion 6.4 x64 the background gets black.

I checked everything and settings…

please I need urgent help in this

here is a sceenshot of the problem… http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/9490/2mwx.jpg

The same composition works perfect on other PC with FUSION 5.2 without changing any setting…tiger footage is clear and background dosnt go black…

left window is my background and the right one is my foreground with Tiger.mp4 footage which is keyed out


this is a very easy thing to do:

just add a canvas color node after your key and set it all to 0

this is because fusion introduced the concept of RoI/DoD in version 6 and there are some tools that change the DoD of an image and thereby the canvas color.

(i think it was also discussed here or on other forums)


I’ve just installed generation and epp, but, it may sound stupid: are these softwares free? Or do they need fusion installed?
Because I’m getting a licensing error and the program won’t launch without a dongle or license…
I feel like I didn’t really get the point… sorry for that question : )


Hi boumay,

Sorry for the inconvenience. eyeon Fusion and eyeon Generation are proprietary applications that do need a license.
Only epp - the pipeline around the products - is open source.

However you can evaluate the products at:



Thank you,
And is epp usable with other apps such as composite along with 3dsmax or the like? Or is it only pluggable with eyeon products?


Very interested to hear more about this too!


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