Eyeon Fusion on a mac


Hey all,
I’ve been searching around if it would be possible to run Fusion on a mac.
Most people say it is a shame but it simply can’t be done.
Luckily there is one guy that has made it possible to use it through parrallels and a windows copy.


This seems a hard way to do it but it is a way.

But I seemed to remember there were people that just didn’t do it in such a “strange” way.
And I was correct! The tutorial on fxphd: fusion 101 is tutored on a mac.

In this image you can see someone running fusion on a mac (or running fusion on a windows pc with a mac skin :frowning: )

So my question is, because I believe it can be done: “how can you run fusion on a mac?”


Tom De Vis


the only way it can be done is using a virtual machine like parallels or you boot into windows with bootcamp


You cannot run fusion natively on OS X. The only solution to use it on a Mac based platform is to use it via a virtual machine or to set up a Boot-Camp partition. On the screenshot you posted they’re using Fusion on Windows with a Mac Skin (open, close, minimize buttons are located on the right).


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