Eyelashes in animation



I’m making a short movie and I’m facing a little problem, I just made eyelashes for my only character, it’s a mesh, separated from the head (I made two planes with a texture). It works pretty well but I didn’t think about one thing: blink.
How can I make my eyelashes follow the eyelid?

Thank you!



Well, how do you control the eyelid?

If you use morphs then you could create morph-targets for the eyelashes too.
Wire the eyelid morph to the eyelash morph.

If you use bones to control the eyelid it`s even easier. Just put the skin modifier on the eyelashes and let the eyelid-bone control them.

If you don`t use turbosmooth for your character mesh you could also use the skinwrap-modifier.


Thank you for your answer!

Yes I control the eyelid with a morpher. My morphs are already done and animation is done too.
When you say “Wire the eyelid morph to the eyelash morph.” I don’t really get it, could you give me some details?

Thank you so much.

PS: I use a turbosmooth on my character.


this might help explain it:

or just look up wire parameters in your help file.


As for using the skinwrap-modifier just for clarification:

You can of course skinwrap the eyelashes to the eyelid, but the iterations for viewport and rendertime of turbosmooth must be the same. The topology of character mesh must not change during rendertime or the ‘connection’ will break.


Thank you so much guys!

I wired the eyelid morph to the eyelash morph and it works perfectly! It was surprisingly easy thanks to you.


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