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The material may or may not be of interest to anybody, but, I just posted an eye making tutorial at http://www.zrrp.com/a-am/. You have to go to the Topics/Modeling/Eyeballs section and select “David Simmons”. Larry is still tweaking the site, so the project file, model file and a large thumbnail will probably be added in the next couple of days or so.

In the interest of keeping the file size down (it’s 9:34 long at about 8 meg in size Flash file) the final renders in the tutorial itself look banded (16bit), so there is a final render labeled “Rendered/Animated clip” (about 2 meg in size) that shows the finished product at a better resolution. The thumbnail will be an image taken from that animation.

The tutorial is done in real time, only the billboard at the beginning, the final render and the subtitles (there’s no sound) were edited in later.


Nice tut! Thanks, David!


Thats really good! I always appreciate when people share makes my life easier.:cool:
Will there ny a printable or downloadable version? Hope so. Hint.:drool:


Thanks for the encouragement guys.

I mentioned making the tutorial a downloadable file to Larry a couple of days ago, that should be happening when he gets some time. A problem I see with the file is that you can’t scrub through it…I may have to also put it up as a Quicktime so that that is possible (some of the subtitles go by pretty fast). As for a printable version, I’ll try to knock one of those out in the next couple of days as an Adobe Acrobat file…I don’t know if Larry would want a non-video version since his site is all about watching how someone else works, but I could see if he’d host it as well.


how about a deformed and animateable cartoon eye? that’s be GREAT!



I could’ve sworn that somebody had a tutorial on making a cartoony eye…I don’t know where it is at the moment, so, I slapped together a scratchpad example of one (or at least a possible way to make one). It’s just a “proof of concept” type of thing, so don’t expect it to be perfect. Let me know if it’s along the lines of what you’re talking about.

In the project, open “Action1” if it’s not already open and move the visible Null named “eyemanipulator”. That moves the pupil around and deforms the eyeball. To adjust the size of the pupil, there is a “pupildilation” slider in the “User Properties” section of the “tooneye” model.

The rigging of the eye actually utilizes the spherical constraint setup that I posted in the “Feature Requests” section…so, there’s at least one use for it.

Hope this is a help.


Very impressive tute and eye model. Makes me ashamed of how basic my models eyes are… :slight_smile:



There’s nothing wrong with basic, I would argue that these eyes are basic as well…just a different method (more patches than most, but it helps in determining the size of the iris and cornea).

Larry hasn’t posted it at Advance A:M yet, so in the interim, here’s the model and iris files from the online tutorial. The iris in this ZIP is a JPG due to the file size limitations on CGTalk, the file on Advance A:M should have a TGA in it when it gets posted. When making an iris for this model, it works best with a pupil half the size of the iris (400x400=iris, 200x200=pupil). I use a similar method to Kim Oravecz’s (except I use GIMP) shown at http://www.kandsdesign.com/kim/eyemap-tut.html...I’m not sure if the site is still up though, it’s not working for me at the moment.


Hi itsjustme, thanks for the effort! I can’t view at the moment as version 10.5 went totally and utterly “belly up” on me mid render yesterday on my old mac :cry: so I came in download another 10.5 installer.

I’ll have a look at home but just reading your post comments - I think this is my desired answer.



I messed with the toon eye a little…it looks like it does pretty well if you apply the porcelain material on it, you might try that.


I posted this to the Hash forums and decided to post it here as well. It’s an updated version of the toon eye. It’s now a pair of eyes resized and set up to work together with porcelain applied.

You can manipulate each eye individually and both eyes together in tandem. In “Action1” you use either the right or left eye manipulator nulls to move the eyes individually and the center null (botheyesmanipulator) to move them both. You can also enlarge the pupils individually or together using sliders.


hi “itsjustme”

I’ve had a play with your latest prj file and have a couple of questions -

If you look at the central vertical spline rings, (they could be reshaped to the profile of a characters eyes) could they be made to stay more still like the back cps do at present?

These eyes work fantastic and would suit a totally toon type character but I’m looking at more 3D / anime type of eyeshape.

Maybe I should post a character shot? I would like to explore this eyeball with your permission however…


he needs a nice pair of semi-toon eyes. At the moment the eyelids are horrible and I’m almost back to wondering if I should just use spherical eyes…

Oh… and you can see my problem with the pupils tracking across a non-spherical eyeball…



Feel free to use the toon eyes for anything you want, I threw it out to the community for that purpose…I’m really curious to see any characters made using the eyes or any variations of them. I guess I misunderstood what kind of eye you were thinking about, these are definitely extremely cartoony. When you mentioned being able to be deformed I assumed that kind of character. For Anime I’ve got another idea that might work…post an image, maybe it’d fit into your character design. If not, maybe I could figure something else out that would do the job.

If you want the central spline rings to act like the back CP’s you just need to delete the “Aim at” and “Translate to” constraints in the “Eyesetup” relationship for the bones assigned to them (if I’m remembering correctly…I don’t have it in front of me at the moment).

I must’ve been typing my response when you posted your image.

The question that I have is does the iris/pupil necessarily need to be on the surface of the eye or can it be the type of Anime eye where those are encased in a clear window? And do you want the iris to have color like that or would a plain black dot type eye work? I could do either, I just want to get an idea of what you’re after.


hehe! I wondered when I read your reply…

Consider me a novice at human CGI modelling - I’m trained up and make my living through Chavant Clay Prototyping (physical modeling) or CGI Architectural and Production models for Advertising (with different software)

I had never thought of the clear window, but I would like the colour decal to stay. Maybe I should just send you the model zipped up to have a look at? I don’t mind and I’m not precious about my CGI character models.



I’ll send you my e-mail address in a private message…today has been pretty busy, I’ll try to have something for you tomorrow.


heya itsjustme… I’m in the process of replying. Thanks for taking a look at this for me! No need to rush as I’m getting busy myself for the rest of the week.



hello again itsjustme!

in case you try opening the .mdl file in version 11… It didn’t work for me so I used version 10.5 which opened it great. Then I tried version 11 again and no problem.

Must have been a Winzip issue but that sorted it.


I have to say “itsjustme’s” eye rig work on my model has me really pleased! The semi toon eye works just fab and I really am over the moon.

Now… I just wish I had the animation skills to make this worth the rigging effort he put in.

:thumbsup: Cheers Dude, couldn’t leave this to a private message as I for one think your toon eye rig should be more widely publicised.


Here’s an example of the “dolleyes” hoochoochoochoo is talking about.