eye rigging woes


okay, so before I moved the head, I thought this was really simple. I have 2 eyes, each with an eyeball part and a lens part, combined so that they are 1 object per eye. I constrained them using an aim constraint to a nurbs circle, and as of right now, the eyes follow that circle. I reset the pivots on both eyes so that they are at the center of each eye individually, to solve an issue i had with them popping out of the head. after noticing that they still move around in the head enough that they do not stay in the eye socket, I set up a joint for each eye, parented to another joint for each eye, parented to a connector joint, parented to my rig’s head, and parented my nurbs aim control to the head joint on my rig. I am using a modified mixamo body rig, (also, the wierd false head was needed becuase i had to fix the mesh for the body and run it back through mixamo, and I had already deleted the head for reattaching the rigged head and didnt have a save with both the original head and the mesh edits. to my surprise the new rigged body merged with the original rig I had set up on it’s own)

so having done all of this, I still have the eyes moving around in the head up and down when I move the head or neck, and they do not remain in the eye sockets. I am very frusterated. I started rigging about 1-2 weeks ago with only very basic knowledge of how it worked. It took me about 10 attempts and about 12-16 hrs total to get the jaw, tounge, and teeth to all move correctly.


Try this and see if it works out.


man, you’re a lifesaver :D! thank you, it worked