Extrude/ Loft along 4 curves


Hi, I’d really appreciate some help on this… deadline approaching.

Previously i had a set up with a nurbs curve (square) as a profile curve and four curves, coming from each of it’s corners, forming a trail along which the square could extrude. The result was an extrude which follows the corners exactly. I did it using a loft, which generated 4 subcurves which i was able to use to animate the extrude precisely, rather than just the usual single /double curve extrude which was causing problems.

I’ve tried every possible setting and i cannot recreate the original set up- the lofts always cave in on themselves. If anyone can help me with this i’d be EXTREMELY grateful.

Is there some setting i’ve missed? Do i need to prepare the curves before lofting in some way?



I always seem to solve these problems as soon as i post them! You don’t need a profile curve. Just use the corner curves, and animate all four subcurves simultaneously for the extrude.


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