Extrude in R20 behaving differently than R17 (distances way off)


Hello all,

I’ve noticed that extruding a part in R20 extrudes at a different distance than in R17. In R17, a 1 cm extrude, for example, will extrude all parts in my scene the same distance. However, when I open the same scene file in R20 and try extruding part 1 cm, some parts extrude 1 cm, but other barely extrude .05 cm.

See screenshots below.
The first image is the 1cm extrude in R17 (as expected). the second image is the 1cm extrude on the exact same part in R20 (barely a sliver).

Why would there be this inconsistency in R20? Is it a bug, or a scaling setting that I am missing for that part?




I recall they made some sort of big scene scale change in a recent-ish version - maybe since R17? If you make a 100x100x100 cube in R17 and save the file, then open it in R20 I’d be curious as to it’s size.

you might need to use the “scale project” in project settings to correct your old scene for R20’s scale


Problem resolved. I had to copy and paste all my objects into a new blank scene file. Now I don’t have the extrude issue in R20.

Not sure what was going on with my old scene file, but something about it was messing everything up. Project settings were the same for both, scale was the same for both. So I’m at a loss as to what else could cause this problem. But it appears resolved now with a fresh scene file!