Extrenimix: Goddess of Phat Beatz


Coming into the frey a biiiit late, but im gonna do my best to bang out a sick piece in the time I have left!

Allow me to present Extrenimix the Goddess of Phat Beatz!! armed with the collective Bass of more then a thousand cosmos, Her swords “sit down” and “shut up” pistols “Tolerance” and “Little Missy” and lest we forget her special little not quite dead bionic skeleton graffiti addict friend “backpack jack” for one night only She is coming to a world near YOU!!! to destroy? to save? to simply teach us how to do the worm like a BOSS? cant be said for sure WHY she is popping into our hemisphere… but ONE THING is for sure, we will sure as harmonica hear her coming!!!

here’s a quick reff/ inspiration page, and some initial sketches, Im not sure I like her shirt, and may mess with how the pans fit her… MORE SOON


updated concept!

Will post all my concept skribblings soon. Almost time for modeling!


More progress, nearly ready to start modeling HOOWAA!


Started work on the High poly model. Have a LONG way to go!


little preview of the mask more soon!


I love the whole concept. Awesome work so far, man.


Amazing concept! Liking the head phones and the Girl is looking nice. Realy looking forward to this I hope you finish!

As a side note: You might like some Bassnectar when your working on your god, it’s got some phat beats and loads of bass. :slight_smile:


coming along… A LONG way to go still and time is just whipping by… time to kick it up a notch!

By omniman at 2011-04-28

By omniman at 2011-04-28


This is an AWESOME concept! I can’t wait to see the finished product!


Amazing concept.
It’s really great to see that you did quite some research.
The concept itself was great but it’s execution so far has been simply amazing.
I would love to see all the updates from now on.

P.s : Love the gas mask addition.


Thanks for all the support mates!

lil update… so so SO far behind! @__@


Love it :thumbsup: . Have you thought of putting a turn-table on the backside or just incorporating one? Even gods need a way to spin some vinyl.


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