Extreme Frigidity, He Sun (3D)


Title: Extreme Frigidity
Name: He Sun
Country: China
Software: LightWave 3D, ZBrush

The picture shows us an extremely frigid atmosphere. Our earth like the big ship, isn`t stable any longer, because of short resource and polluted environment. Also severe pollution of sea makes the living things in the sea dying out, and emerging a lot of variants. You know all of them are caused by the crushing monster, pollution. We must protect our earth and ocean resource from any pollution. We hope we never see the sense as the picture shows.


Great… 5 stars…! :slight_smile:
What is 3D, what 2D? :smiley:


Please send a wire.


Realy nice image!


great job man .
keep it up


cool stuff, are the water splashes particles or polys?


The composition is not working for me. Also, the lighting seems very mute as all the colors appear to be on the same tone (could be lighting or textures?).

Smoke in the background looks nice and the front rogue wave seems to be working nicely…



Yes, I would also like to see a wireframe, by the way it looks nice.


Great job, it looks terrific. The smoke looks awesome and so do the waves.


There is something wrong with this image…, Oh, I see it, THERE IS NO SHADOWS! OMG, it is too flat with no shadows at all…


Great image! Very dynamic! I would like to see a bit more color added though. :thumbsup:


great job,well done.:thumbsup:


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