Extract poly and don't reset pivot


Hi, I have a question.
I have an object, any. Not very important what sort of. If I select a poly and try to manipulate it, the pivot is set locally, in the center of the poly and the Y axis is set in the normal direction. If I extract this poly the pivot is reset to the origin. There is a way to extract a poly and let the pivot stay the same place before I detached it? Or set the pivot in the center of the poly and the Y axis point the same direction of the normal?
Maybe it’s a noob thing, if so, sorry =)

  1. You might try Modify / Compent / Tweek User Normals Tool.

  2. With poly selected hit tweek tool <m>. Then you can middle click on an edge to set orientation of pivot.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for the reply, I’ll give it a try!
But if I have a lot of polys it would be very annoying task to do! I think that there would be an easier way to do it…


Ok, maybe I used the wrong words =P
I used to learn those things in Maya. instaed of pivot I should use “center”. If I select the polygon the center is “right” but if I select “the object” the center is reset to the origin.


When you extract polys, the “object” is reset to global origin. To make the new object center (pivot) the same as source object:

  1. click “Center” Top/Right of screen.

  2. Select Transform / Match Center.

  3. Click “Object” to return to object mode.

If your rotation is different just use Transform / Match Rotation.

Note: if you use these tools on something with children, then click Child Compensation button, since children will be looking to parent center for positon and will move with it.

Another option might be to copy the object. Once you have polys selected invert the seletion and delete everything else. That would leave polys with same object center.

Sorry if I am misunderstanding your problem.



Sry. I reread post and realized I was thinking of something else…


Thank you very much Ohmanoggin for the reply and for the patience! I think that it’s me that I’m explaining in the wrong way! So, I think that attaching a picture is the best way!
In the pictutre you can see that if I select a polygon (component) ant try to translate it I get the local transform manipulator.
I need that the local transformation center of my extracted poly (object) match the local transformation of “itself” but in component mode (the poly selected but as face in component mode). It’s a bit hard to explain! XD


I’m not sure I understand your problem. But you can move the center of the manipulator to wherever you want when you hold the Alt key. If you need to move it to the center of the object, just hold Alt+Ctrl and snap it with “centers” activated.


Thanks toonafish for the reply! I know the “alt trick” but in this way I set the center of the object with the same axys orientation as the scene. The Y ax i pointing in the scene axys way (upward) and not the way of poly normal.
Basically what I will do is. Create a “random geometry”, separate the faces, have those extracted polys with the y axys pointing in the normal direction (so that the y axys is perpendicular to the surface) and then constrain the polys with a null with a direction constrain in -y so that those polys facing away from the null I created.
ARGH… I will try to do more pictures to explain =)
Thanks for your time guys, I appreciate this very much :wink:


So, here we go.
In the attached image you can see (I hope, better) what I need.
I have a geometry (in this example a sphere) in the image A. In the image B I select a poly (in the "final version would be all or some poly of the object) and extract it. When extracted the local center is set in the origin of the scene, like in image C. The orientation is also reset. If I select the poly (the component not the object) the local center is setted in center of the vertices and the orientation is set in a way that the Y ax is setted in the normal way (like image D). So, if I set the center of the object in the center of the vertices and then copy the rotation values of the poly component that I got in image C I get what I want. The center of the object (in Image E) it’s the same of the component and that’s what I want. The problem is. There is a way to get this done quickly? If I have 2-3 poly I can do it manually, but If I have thousands of poly it would be terrible!!!
Hope that this time it’s a bit clear =)


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