External Hard drive / server for multiple computers



I’m currently growing my business ( Now 2 of us : ) ) and I’m not sure what the best way is to store our project files and assets.

Do I need a server of some sort or would an external HD do the job.
Would this affect our render times etc… if cinema 4d has to pull textures from an external source?



What you likely want is a small to medium NAS, preferably one with RAID 2 or better. Most often NAS systems are connected via 1 GBit Ethernet, making them substantially slower than internal harddisks or very fast (USB 3/Thunderbolt) external disks. You will notice this when loading or saving larger files. If you invets a bit more into the NAS you can get 10 GBit, but this requires matching network adapter sin your computers.
Personaly i would go for a 4-5 bay mid range NAS from Synology or QNAP with 1GBit Ethernet. It might affect the time it needs until a rendering starts, but the rendertime itself will not be negatively influenced.
A NAS also makes it easy to do backups by attaching a backup disk to it and setting up an automatic backup to it.


Thanks for the info Srek.
I’ll check those out.