Extending the Challenge


What happened with the Contest? I see the forum is now overrun by all sort of other subject related images.


I asked travis, here’s his answer:

"Originally Posted by Hubfish
Hi Travis

I think everyone is a bit confused about the thrust challenge. mainly:

  • is it closed and in judging now?

yes over the next 6 weks

  • when will the results be out?

approx 6 weeks

  • the older posts has dissappeared from the forum, does that mean that they will not be judged?

[I]the forum is closed but the entries are there just not open to public

we will send out a newsletter this week waiting on a few judges before announcing the final announcment


If you could find the time, maybe you could answer some of these questions in the sticky thread

Have a nice day, and best regards


Thanks, Sascha! :slight_smile:
see you at faux images on tuesday? :wink:



yeah I’ll try to go :smiley:

Nice ship btw


It’s been about 7 weeks since contest end - and I believe 6 weeks was the expected time frame for judging. With all due respect, can we get some kind of communication with regards to the state of affairs? Thanks!


Yes an updated information if the challenge still exists or almost any bit of info would be great. Thx in aadvance


BIG CONTEST, LOT"S of Winners;)

We are staying silent until everyone that’s a judge chimes in, and there are lots and lots of entries guys so stay patient with all these prizes we put together there is no rushing through it. Judging goes through several rounds. We are a little through half way through and will make an announcement when we know for certain when All categories are in the final round with all judges ringing in. prizeless contest can happen within 3 to 4 weeks this one will take us a while still shouldn’t be much longer. as a guideline we will most likely hold two prize contest a year 3 months for the challenge 3 months for judging. Keep in mind we have several projects we are building for the users that are free and here to help you like iMT and a site overhaul so the more support and understanding we have the easier it is to bring new stuff. besides would you rather have a new or old version of the software you won… wink wink

Check out the z brush summit this weekend and hang tight warriors!


Good deal. Thanks for the update Travis!


Thanks, btw my images uploaded in portfolio are way lower resolutions than the ones I could instead upload in Deviant art , so possibly I sugest looking at those before judging :slight_smile:


I listed them in the description part of the thread.