Extending the Challenge


How I upload image in the thread like the others did create a forum post ?


You must create a new entry in your CGSociety portfolio. As you will see, there’s a button on the right of the screen with the name “Thrust” on it for submission. Then appears a button for “agree and submit entry”


I did that but its not uploading my image .


Same thing happened to me. Then after some hours it did appear. Wait for it to emerge, or if it doesn’t, tell mr. Travis.


EDIT Nevermind, just a glitch in the posting system


I’ve been very confused on where to post the final work. Can any one provide a link or link navigation tree onto where to submit?


For some reason isn’t allowing me -_- grr.


Did you guys upload to your portfolio already? There’s the Thrust Challenge button there. Mine appeared hours later in the thread, so that might happen to you as well. You may want to message Travis though.


well folks, your competitions suck. never ever there is all clear and now again… is that application a joke ? you can’t even upload some pictures. what’s the point ?


I appreciate the opportunity to enter and I also appreciated the exta time but the forum and the lack of updated info was a little frustrating.


From what I gather reading other posts about previous challenges, these things require tons of time and lots of work to pull off on the parts of the organizers. I think that is largely why we have not a a cg challenge for a while. Even though there were a few hiccups it was still a very fun challenge and I really appreciate the efforts of the staff of cgtalk.


I imagine its hard getting the time needed to judge from all the judges that were mentioned, specifically after the original deadline was changed. Oh well it was fun for me regardless. I notice many people still posting work even though its the 5th now. I spent a lot of time trying to finish by the 19th of July. I hope its taken into consideration.


This is my first challenge and I appreciate the opportunity to compete and show my art amongst such talented peers.

Aside the personal challenge with learning the software and techniques, my only disappointment is that
I thought we were allowed to interact more with the judges so to get feedback on the concept build (I might be wrong).

I don’t work on this industry but I imagine that a concept build requires a lot of feedback from art/concept directors.

In regards to clear information and timelines, yes, I think it is necessary when you have so many people working towards the same goal and making a compromise with their professional and personal life to complete it.

Congratulations to all for reaching it!! :slight_smile:


Does someone know how to chage the main submission image? I posted for mistake the wip version instead than the final version and It doesn’t allow me to edit and update , I have posted a link to the right version in the link but it shows the wrong version in the main Gallery image.


Good luck to all competitors. Does anyone know when the results will come out?


Travis mentioned judging would take 6 weeks, I’d assume two weeks for each of the three judges categories. Mid September maybe?


Categories are four , they added the science category too , though they forgot to update the page so not many people choose that .


What hapopened to the competition end date announcement ? Also the gallery is getting overloaded with non related content .


My work dissapeared from the Gallery.
It seems that there is a limit of 10 pages in the galery, so as new posts are being added, the older start dissapearing. I hope you can fix it.

Ernesto (nahuel)


It would be nice if there could be a date or something when winners are announced.

Also i think it wont matter if your post dissapears from gallery so long as it is in portfolio and submitted to challange.

Mine has never been at frontpage more than 1 hour. And that was when i submitted it.