Extending the Challenge


Sorry but I cant seem to find a final submission date ?


How are people able to upload any high resolution images?

  • Phantomworks.xyz is not accepting any image uploads, they just stop after a while, no error message.
  • My original challenge thread doesn’t allow any uploads over 100 KB, also it is not appearing in the challenge forum anymore, I can only reach it if I go through my profile -> subscribed threads.
  • I tried to submit via CG Society Image Gallery, shows only the first image. After editing the Gallery entry, all the other images are scaled down

If anyone out there can help me or explain how to submit the final entries in high resolution, please reply to this thread or send me a pm.

Thank you very much!


I made artworks for THRUST CHALLENGE and I don;t know how to use this forum, really.
Story of my life.

Where should I put my sketches, wip, final artworks.
I created new thread here but I can’st see it.

Also Im here:

but my replies are published from the last to the first and I don’t know why. Cheers


Hi mr herm

i managed to upload high res images. If you go to your portfolio page and add a new Project, there is a little check box and the Thrust challenge image if you check that box you will automatically post a new thread in the thrust gallery. If you click on your uploaded images, you will be directed to your portfolio page, where you can view your High Res Image.

Hope that helps.


4rth of Agoust.


You want to compress the images from a targa format of 24 bits to jpeg web safe image using something like lazcos to shrink the file size down while keeping the color data. I would use gimp if you don’t know how to do this as you want the images to be 1920x1080 for most of images, and the final images have to 2500x2500 or larger and that requires that the image is not saved as a data base of six value colors but a series of hexadecimal numbers representing redgreenblue so they would be 010101 or 21 this then is stored both as 0.1 red 0.1 green and 0.1 blue or 21 which is the left most top row. Then the line can hold so many places, the header files tells the program that the image is 2500 places wide or 5000 character is a row. Each line is read then the next line continues. so if a row is 256 character wide then the colors for the first 128 pixels are row one. This is why photo shop can not open images larger than 4x I think. I would have to open the latest version to see the limitations. They store each color while working on it as a 24 bit targa with 8 bits of alpha which means that it stores a bunch more zeros of precision while working on it, each color to it’s own memory address. Other programs like psp and gimp use what is called a swap pallet or reserved memory and reserved part of the system memories clip board to work, which is a bunch of memory spaces linked together a virtual space.

So you want to compress by 11 to 20 percent which gets down to one to two zeroes. Meaning at 11% compression you truncate anything beyond two places, like cents on the dollar. At twenty percent you cut down to one point something or two digit colors. Anything beyond that you start having trouble rebuilding the image as a whole image. I turn three hundred megabyte targa files into thirty kilobyte jpegs so I know the process works fine.


quick question, Does the competition end on midnight of the third or do we also have the 4th. also what timezone?


i need help how to post the final submission images, anyone?


It’s pretty tricky. You’ll need to post in the “challenge home” thread (not the same as the gallery forum) and also the gallery forum, where this thread is. To upload images to the forum click on the “+ UPLOAD ART” button on the top right of the page and upload your images there, being sure to check the “Thrust Challenge” submission check box. After you do that the gallery forum will automatically make a thread for you with your first image that you uploaded in your “new project”, but for some reason not the other images you may have uploaded. If you want to upload more than one image then you’ll have to edit your post and add your uploaded files from your “new project” with HMTL using the URLs of the additional images that are uploaded to your portfolio. For some reason the forum doesn’t like to let you upload images into your post, only seems to play nice with image URLs that come from the portfolio section.

There may be other ways to do it but that’s what I did. Hopefully that’s helpful.


Yeah would like to know that too as my pc is struggling to manage what I am doing and is taking lot of time between a move and the other …
I hope it includes the 4rth and ends at midnight of the 4rth so I can complete the scene possibily .


Well I suppose the 4rth is included .


I hope so. The time zone thing is also still a question. :shrug:


Yeah I am still waiting my render to finish and I take that the 4rth is included too -_- …


Ok I have the pc still rendering :frowning: … it even crashed once , and I have to go sleep I hope I will continue tomorrow and hope to be in time for the deadline of midnight 4rth .


I have already posted my I already created an entry in my portfolio and is supposedly linked to the Thrust challenge as can be seen in the screenshot. It doesn’t appear there in the gallery though. Help, anyone? Travis? I hope it goes through.


Hi Travis, I already created my entry in my portfolio and is supposedly linked to the Thrust challenge. It doesn’t appear there though.


6 hours to midnight here :slight_smile: I hope to finish in time , I am rushing throught the last render … But I guess the end time is midnight of US time so may be some hours more :slight_smile:


We will post a notice here once time runs out for the challenge deadline. If you have any trouble posting and mention it here, we will give you a hand and make sure to include you.


I am having troubles rendering :frowning: my pc isn’t a good one and keeps crashing , I can make a post with an unshaded look of the ship and eventually add the render when it finishes?


is my work qualified?