Extending the Challenge


Hi guys,

Sorry, I’ve already been asking the same thing on the challenge home thread.

I’ve been unable to post my entry on this page. I tried both the “submit image via portfolio” button and making a new thread, but nothing shows up here. It might be related to the validation period since I’m new here, but It’s been more than 24 hours since I’be been trying both ways.

Am I doing something wrong or is there any other issue?


Have the science category prizes been decided? Ii am set for a sience ship or in case I will have to replace radars wih guns :smiley: .


Alf looks like your post are up? are you still having trouble?

Naima we have a prize for science yes’)


What is the new absolute deadline? I’m still seeing July 19, with no specific time mentioned…


Join us. I was guided by July 19th. Another claimed concept has not had time to do. How much more time is added.


Hi thankyou Travis, do we know what is it ?? :slight_smile:

Btw I am allowed to use outsourced pilot models to fit in my spaceship scene?


Probably the 2nd of Agoust if we count 2 weeks . But is just a guess.


I started my thread with my facebook profile, I upgraded my computer to windows 10 and now I cant access my thread, it says App not setup, Switch to a registered test user or ask an App Admin for Permissions…
I’ve never seen this kind of error, it looks like it is a Facebook error, but I needed to ask you first.

Thank you.


Hello Travis,

I imagine you guys are busy as we are with our projects; can you let us know what the new deadline is so we can schedule our work accordingly?

Thank you and regards.


I would also like to know what the new deadline is? I worked non stop to finish a day before the original deadline as i was going on a 5 day trip. Now I’m back and find the competition has been extended?


Please help me, I want upload work in progress in http://www.phantomworks.xyz ,but my images shows in different places :frowning:


I think, to add your new mages to one a post, you have to try edit post or replay to your own post ( on the bottom of your post )

good lock


that’s exactly I did


I see it at http://www.phantomworks.xyz/forum/?threadid=868
Duplicate images showing on other people’s threads happens all the time to other people too; just a bug on the site I think

Edit: @Travis would also be nice to get the due-date time and timezone as well when that gets finalized!


Yeah, I agree, it happened to me too. My images just magically appeared on other person post.


So the competition has been extended to the beginning of August, but can we get a concrete date? I see the 2nd has been mentioned, is that confirmed?


It was just my educated guess… nothing confirmed.


August 4th is deadline

We are out at Siggraph all week and will be checking in and updating Friday.


Thanks for the information . Do we have any special format to respect when submitting the final images?


Yes. Take a read through the Rules Page of the Challenge Site. It still has the previous deadline though…



To participate, you must agree to the terms and agreement and be registered at both the Challenge Forum at www.phantomworks.xyz and at the CG Society Thrust Gallery

Game Play

Whether you’re submitting your 2D or 3D concepts, we want to see where you are gathering your reference from and what inspires you. Make sure to post your reference boards and feel free to show sketches or stages along the way.

Put some color, labels and history into your character or craft. Be creative with interiors, mechanics, gear, etc. Highlight your craft as if you were selling it to the highest bidder and incorporate as many variations as you please. Remember: your craft must include the flag of the country you represent or fictitious nation you create.

Each judge will have their own forum to help you with tips and advice on how to impress each of them. Check their individual pages for more information.

NOTE: inspiration is encouraged, copying is not.


• Best Fighter
• Best Mothership
• Pilot/Crew/Mechanic

[B]Final Submissions

Your submissions must contain at least 5 images showcasing different views and stages. Also make sure to include your reference board.

The Challenge Forum is your sandbox to play in and exchange advice and comments, but all final images must be posted in both the forum and the finished and finals THRUST gallery on CG Society. Deadline for submissions is July 19th.

Resolution needs to be at least 2500x2500 (JPEG only).[/B]


1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards​will be offered for each of the three categories.

Helping Hand Award

We are also offering a special bundle of prizes and prestige for our experts out there willing to lend a hand to our participants. Jump in! Give friendly advice, links to reference, and technical/story elements on a regular basis. We will notice and reward one winner per category handsomely for it.