Extending the Challenge


We will be extending the challenge to the beginning of August to give everyone a bit more time do to some difficulty with the site and our IT change over. We will post up details this coming Tuesday along with any additional info. Stay TUned and post up those images here to get featured in top row.

Good Luck Everyone!


thank you… :keenly:


are we allowed to post some W.I.Ps in our own thread or only the final images?


Wow. Good deal then. I was going to be turning mine tomorrow. Always up to the last min. lol. This gives us a bit more time to work the fine details. Thanks!


Hello , Just wondering what happened with the Science category?


I just see Travis post :banghead:

Thanks for the note, glad to get the extra time :keenly:
Good night everyone still awake!


Thanks for the extra time!


O.o, thank you ! I’m almost done but an extra week would be great ! :slight_smile:


Well that’s quite unfair on us who have met the deadline no?


It is rather. Although it’s almost standard practice with the CGTalk modelling challenges.


Its unfair. Challenge extended 15 days is to much. All of us who finished on time had to work day/night and still our quality had to suffer due to finishing on time.

Now there is no point for us going back and fixing all renders cause it just doesn’t work like that. While other contenders that have 15 more days can make drastic changes and finish all the work in better style/quality than us.

I know they wont change their mind, but i feel like i have been betrayed for being loyal.


Hi, Can you confirm this extending??


Never assume delivering on time, hard-work, and positive attitude go un-noticed in judging and life:) part of the reason we are rewarding those that have helped in the challenge.

This challenge was never meant to only be the best LOOKING there are a lot of factors that will come into play with a full 6 weeks of judging which will include moving you up the scale points wise if you are one of the artist that pushed to get those renders done and finished on the original deadline. you are also able to continue to create additional revisions for the new deadline. We are also providing a lot of opportunities for people to be helpful as this is a rewarded category as well as the science category

Please post any wip or shots here in the forums so we can see where you are and we will create a new forum here for the final shots as well. unfortunately our admin had to move across the country mid challenge and was unable to address some issues with the site in time for everyone to post.

If you pushed to make the deadline make sure you post that image by tomorrow. you are free to continue to work to the extended deadline but as mentioned above it will factor into the challenge.


Because I’m one of those who cant seem to log in to the phantom xyz site. This gives me a chance to really render things as well as I can also. So Thank you so much!


I have two questions:

Where can I upload High Res Image? This forum only allow me to upload jpgs not bigger than 97kb?

Is it possible to submit one entry per category and person?

Because if that is possible, i will use the extra weeks for a figther design?

Thx in advance.


So, I am new here and I am very confused as to how you are supposed to submit your work. On the challenge page I can find three places where you want me to submit work, but I can’t tell if I have done anything correctly.

As far as I understand your final works can be uploaded to the http://www.phantomworks.xyz-site. But that doesn’t mean that you’ve submitted your images. If I upload one image on my portfolio site I get the option to submit to the “Thrust Challenge” Gallery. But then I’ve also read that you are supposed to upload on this forum as well. Some people seem to do this via their portfolio-submissions (and how do you do that?). And if you have several renders, are you supposed to upload just 1 project to the portfolio or are you supposed to upload different renders to different projects and submit them all to the “Thrust Challenge”?

I really need help with this guys… I have worked my ass of the last week and now I am extremely confused on how to even enter. Some images doesn’t want to upload either… is this a server fault, is the site overloaded? I never get any error messages, it’s just like my commands are ignored.

I’m glad for any help!


Is there some kind of a bug in the upload process. I added a new entry by clicking on the “Submit image via CGPortfolio”, selected that is part of the Thrust and it did not appear in the forum. Should I wait? Is it automatic? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for the help.


Well this is interesting.

So the due date for the final images is NOT the 19th (today)??


thanks Travis
I thought I submitted my work successfully in my portfolio today
but can’t seem to find it under the thrust challenge gallery.

Hoping you can link me through somethng other than Facebook

If I try the Phantomworks Facebook link - it fails saying App not setup.

I guess it could also be the validation process as I am new to the CGS site

Also is there a new date?time? for the final final submissions. I am in New Zealand.



Hello, well yes but think that those who have 15 more days may have started late anyway, so it’s the same. If your entry is truly spectacular you should fear no competition and if you feel you can make it better, you can always repost.

So, don’t be jealous on those 15 days of others just because you’ve met the deadline. It was their risk to either do something good or do something never and this time luck was on their side. You should be happy about them.

I am done with a model and was about to post now and have another idea sketched so maybe if I have time and i’m inspired, will be able to do that too. You maybe can try the same, of course.

I wish you good luck and again, don’t hate those 15 days. Remember, those entries that will follow could have never be seen, otherwise. Be happy about that.

Good luck to everyone, either a winner or just an …experience winner :). Just being here, you folks, are special. Think about that.