EXR's from 3ds Max - Linear Workflow Advice


Hi all,

Just looking for some advice with regards to linear workflow. I have just started working with a 3D artist who has supplied me with image sequences from 3ds Max.
These are EXR’s (16 bit / half float / gamma 1.0) and I just wanted to check if my AE setup is correct for a working in linear.

I have attached my interepret footage and project settings details below. If I have understood correctly this should result in my workspace remaining linear but my viewport will display as sRGB?
Any advice here would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

*Update: I am now thinking that my interpret footage settings should be set to either ‘Preserve RGB’ or ‘Interprit As Linear Light: ON’ in order to retain Gamma 1.0 / Linear


You’re settings look fine, although I would set the project to 32bpc, EXR’s are 32(float) with alphas and you’ll need to use them if the 3d artist utilized render layers.