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Hello all,

My first post here, I'm new to the 3D scene (5 months in on Cinema 4D) I have been an editor in the film industry for over 5 years. Currently I'm building a few spaceships which have moving telescoping parts and I am have problems with the expresso arrangement? I went through the C4D help tutorial on the telescoping cylinders, and that works great if you only have three cylinders. I have 5 cylinders that all need to telescope together for a pop-up canon turret. The tutorial doesn't really explain the details of why some things work and how to expand or chain commands for more telescope sections That's issue #1.
Issue #2 is a sister to the first one. I have curved and flattened sections which are supposed to telescope out of a wing in a circular motion (rotating from a center-point axis in the middle of the ship) slightly different from the straight in/out y-direction of the normal telescoping action. Imagine a torus shape that is halved and then then ends collapse in on themselves, basically having the sections retract into a 'Main Section' which doesn't move. The idea is to have them extend out of the wings to form a large flattened loop around the entire ship. All the sections are individual objects, modeled to fit inside on another, like russian nested dolls. Thanks for the help.


C4D R13


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