exposure vs depth of field


hey -
im using physical sky and need exposure control…but there is only 1 slot
in camera MR lens shaders section…is there some way i can layer
in or ADD a depth of field node in addition to the exposure control




Open Hypershade:

  1. Place both lens shaders in hypershade view.
  2. Create a mib_color_mix node.
  3. Plug dof lens shader into color0
  4. Plug exposure lens shader into color1
  5. Change mode0 and mode1 to mix
  6. Plug mib_color_mix into lens slot of camera

FG preview will look weird, but it works.



works great thanks ////


Maya 8.5 (and I guess 8.0 too) supports stacking of lens shaders. You find the input list under cameraShape> mental ray> Lens Shaders, or connect the lens shader’s .message to the cameraShape.miLensShaderList[] attribute.


Very good. Thanks Floze.


man i cant believe i didnt see the stacking — much better…!


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