Exposing dependencies in Script


Hi everybody!

I am relatively new to scripting and seriously hardcore rigging in Max, but I have been doing it in Maya.

I am having trouble reverse engineering some rigs that I was given to study and have some questions. Several of the Point helpers that help control functions on the rig have controllers on them that I need information on. (ie, a point helper with a Look-at constraint, with another object as it’s upnode. Due to the length of the object name, I cannot see the full name of the upnode object on the button in the interface.)

I have tried the showProperties $ and refs.dependents to try and find what the Upnode is. Because you cannot find this information in the Graph, Dope, or schematic view.

Or is there an easier way to see this information somewhere else?

I really appreciate your time and consideration.


I’m guessing you tried showProperties on the actual object rather than on it’s rotation controller.

Assuming that the object with the Look-at is stored in the variable ‘obj’ and that its rotation controller is a Look-at (as opposed to being one of many under a list controller) you would show the properties of the look-at like this:

show obj.rotation.controller

and then you should be able to figure out that the property you are looking for is .pickupnode so the code to get the node stored as the upnode would be:


Above all else, you should consult the maxscript reference which has info on pretty much everything that can be accessed via maxscript with examples and clear descriptions. It’s a goldmine of knowledge


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