EXPOSE' 2, D'artiste and ELEMENTAL have landed!


im glad that the d’artise book is shipping now though i expect mine to arrive late september. just good thing to know that the books have arrived in AU already via Fedex. right? :applause:


Yea – at our cost we flew in enough books to cover all outstanding orders placed before August. These went out by air mail to people last week.

The remainder of our stock should go on a ship this week and be availble to ship to new orders in 4 weeks or so.

We also have to do a second edition of EXPOS’E 2 immediatly as we ran out of soft cover’s last week and only have 550 or so of the hard covers left (out of a total print run of 5,000). Hopefully the hard covers will hold out untill we get the second edition printed and delivered.



You should update the Ballistic shipping info page. It says the softcovers are now shipping and that the hardcover orders (placed in August) would ship by the middle of September. Based on your last post, this is inaccurate. It seems I won’t be seeing my hardcover copy until the middle or end of October.

I have to say that, although I love CGtalk, I’m a bit dissapointed in the way this whole Expose 2 thing has been handled. I especially was discouraged with comments along the lines of “hopefully, we’ll have enough stock to fill existing orders.” You should know if you have enough stock, and if you don’t, you should update the site so that people who place new orders know when they’ll get their books.


I still can’t get over the fact that they started selling what books they had available before fullfilling their commitment to all those that pre-ordered the books months in advance. I understand that SIGGRAPH is a must, and I understand why they’re getting rid of pre-orders in upcoming editions, but the fact remains that they really passed up and nixed all those artist and customers that made this book a reality from the getgo. I feel like I’ve been thrown by the wasteside.


The Ballistic shipping page is up to date - hard cover orders placed in August will be shipped in mid-September - we have just had confirmation that they are on the ship now. Since you are in Taiwan, you order should arrive by the end of September.

Soft covers are now shipping - we have sold out and are taking no more orders, but have enough for existing orders.

“hopefully, we’ll have enough stock to fill existing orders” - where did this quote come from? We do have enough stock for all orders.


Not an exact quote, but you yourself a page or so back said that the books being flown over “should” be enough for existing orders. I always get nervous with answers like that. I’ve been burnt a few too many times, I guess. Anyhow, I’m glad to hear that you definitely have enough books for existing orders. I look forward to seeing my book at the end of September. Thanks for your help.

By the way, it appears the leather bound editions aren’t exactly flying off the shelves. Any chance you’ll reduce the price of those in the future?


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