EXPOSE' 2, D'artiste and ELEMENTAL have landed!


I have expose 1 and pre ordered expose 2
I have two questions:
How many orders did you guys get from Israel ?
Are you planning on making a book with a focus on architecture?


Can’t wait longer to get my copy of expose2, it seems incredible on the pics!
Thx to CgNetworks & CgTalk, best CgSite EVER !!!


Hi guys,

We’re at SIGGRAPH so we have extremely limited access to the web to answer thread qu’s. If you have questions, please email info@ballisticpublishing.com. I’ll be back in a week’s time and back on top of things.

SIGGRAPH is heating up here!



I soo cant wait for my LE copy to arrive :smiley:


Last I heard from them regarding the leather bound editions is that they have no idea of when they’ll be ready and then it will take an additional 3 to 4 weeks for them to receive them, so It doesn’t seem likely that you’ll get it by the 18th of septmeber from the info I’ve received. Apprently they had some problems with the proof for the cover as well…but well worth the wait. AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!


I eventually will get these awesome books for inspiration when I get the money. My instructor had the first serious which I couldn’t stop drueling over. I can’t wait can’t wait!!


i have already preordered a d’artiste book earlier. wonder when it will be shipped. im soooo friggin excited! :banghead:


Hey guys!

With all these shipping questions, I thought it’d be worthwhile pointing out our Shipping Info page:

That page is updated the moment we know about a change in the shipping status.

(You’re not the only ones waiting, BTW, I want my copies of these books! ;))


I’m just a little annoyed that those of us that preordered the books months in adavanced are still waiting to receive them, while anybody at SIGGRAPH can just walk up to the booth and buy one. somehow I don’t find this quite right!!!


Just so you know… we are doing away with pre-orders with future titles. We don’t like this problem either. The books are starting to ship already - what happened was that the books came off the press in Hong Kong and two loads were sent: one to SIGGRAPH and one to our warehouse for fulfilment of pre-orders. So all pre-orders are being fulfilled as I type this. We also gave everyone who pre-ordered and were going to SIGGRAPH the opportunity to pick up their book(s) while at the show.

But yes, we are killing the pre-orders for all future books. It’s too much hassle.



Thanks Leonard! Just frustrated that just because I couldn’t make it to SIGGRAPH this year I’m still having to wait. Not looking forward to next monday when everybody else that manage to make it will come to the office with their copies. Are there any new news about the leather bound editions? will we get any notification of when our order goes out? and how do they usually ship?


We are having enough books flown in to cover existing orders (as of 2 weeks ago) - these should arrive early next week. I can tell you that it is incredibly frustrating trying to get this organised - even though we asked for this nearly 2 weeks ago, they are only being sent TODAY! As soon as they arrive, they will be shipped out, oldest orders first, until they run out. There SHOULD be enough for all existing orders, given that some have already been picked up at SIGGRAPH. Once they run out, the rest will be arriving by ship in mid-September.

There is still no word on an ETA for the leather bound editions (they are being bound now) - I will let everyone who has ordered know as soon as I have any definite news.

As soon as your order ships, a confirmation email is sent. All orders are sent by Airmail - takes 1 - 3 weeks.


well it’s been pretty frustating for us too…we keep being told over and over of new arrival dates. I’m still quite upset about the SIGRAPH thing; not really fair for those of us that supported you from the beggining. I feel extremely alienated and dissaponted by the way this whole thing has been handled. It seems that by having paid early on, you feel free to take yr time with our orders and concetrate your efforts on attracting new customers. I understand why you’re getting rid off pre-orders in your next edition but it does not take away from the fatcs in this particular case.
Leonard said that enough books to cover pre-orders were going out as he wrote the message above but now you’re saying that those books won’t arrive your way until next week…and then they will take an additional 1 to 3 wks to come our way??? I’m sooo confused


I am REALLY sorry that "Leonard said that enough books to cover pre-orders were going out as he wrote the message above ". Leonard has been at SIGGRAPH all week, and didn’t know about the delay from Hong Kong - he should have checked before he made that statement.

At this stage I really don’t know what to say - We tell you the timing details we get from our printers - when they are changed, there is not a lot we can do about it, apart from pass the information along to you.

Part of our original deal with the printers was that books would be ready for SIGGRAPH. I suspect that since they made that deadline, they are not too fussed about the time taken for the rest of the books to reach us.

We are FedExing the books to cover existing orders from Hong Kong - this costs a lot, but means they should arrive in a few days. When we send books out, we use standard postal Airmail - It SHOULD take about a week, but we say 1-3 weeks to cover all countries, and the differences in postal services within countries.

We are trying REALLY hard to get your orders to you as fast as possible.


Are there a lot of crossovers from expose’ 1&2 to elemental, and when will the deadine for expose’ 3 be? :smiley:


I hope you find new printers for expose’3!


I don’t know whether we’ll be switching printers (the prints themselves are absolutely awesome, and it’s hard to get that kind of quality; I’m also not involved in management decisions), but we won’t be accepting orders for future books until they’re already on a ship and soon-to-be-delivered at our warehouse.

That way when we start taking orders, we’ll be shipping within about 7 days.

Unfortunately there isn’t alot we can do about existing orders - as Helen said, the shipment that was supposed to come here has been delayed a couple of times already. It’s on its way now, for sure, and should be here by the end of this week.

The FedEx tracking number is 847183096760.

As soon as we get the books, we’ll start shipping them, oldest orders first.


Are the expose and elemental about the same thing?
Like repeat materials?


shyy: EXPOSE’ and ELEMENTAL are about “the same thing”, as in they’re both about having the best digital art around :wink:

EXPOSE’ is like a general round-up of fantastic art; Elemental is a round-up of fantastic art made in discreet’s software - so alot of Elemental is 3D, since discreet own 3dsmax.

There are a small number of images that are in both books (obviously - we didn’t want to miss out on the best art!) but not very many.

Check out their pages and compare:




I liked Expose2, I picked up at Siggraph, very inspiring images for the time my creativity is low :slight_smile: