EXPOSE' 2, D'artiste and ELEMENTAL have landed!


two years ago there were 3d websites a dime a dozen and this site (cgtalk) has come out the winner



A bit more information:

Shipping to some central and western EU countries is much cheaper then it was when we first started. We now have just three world regions (Australia, Asia Pacific, rest of the world) for pricing. All shipping costs are included in the book prices now! Our international shipping costs are about as good as anyone can get – to just about anywhere in the world!

We are building up a growing list of resellers all over the place – but this is a gradual business. We are committed to really growing the number of resellers in the near future. Anyone can resell the books – there are generous bulk discounts that anyone can get www.ballisticpublishing.com/books/bulk_order
*** everyone in a company get your boss to order books in bulk for all of you – you’re worth it aren’t you :wink:

Amazon – We want to have books listed there. However they take 55% and you have to have your warehouse in the US – prefereably in the same city as Amazon so you can meet their re-stocking requirments. Now that we are starting to get more books out we will also start to warehouse books in the US and EU – But this costs quite a lot of time and money to get going. Right now every cent is going back into growing the book list and supporting this community.

Borders, Barnes & Nobles and all the rest of “traditional” book distribution. We have to sacrifice 70% of the revenue and then we wouldn’t get paid for 3 - 9 months!!! This is normal for book distribution these days. What this means is that a new publisher needs mountains of money to get established and most of the revenue goes to the distribution channel. We just cant afford this with new titles – we really need to have strong direct sales so we can get money in immediately to create more books and keep the community running.
This will change. As we get bigger and print more books we will be able to afford to allocate books to the distribution channel and manage to keep going without seeing money from that channel for 6 months or more.

Foreign Language translations and sub-liscencing. We are looking at the possability of doing foreigh language versions and having those editions availble through sub-liscenced publishers in some conuntries. This looks like it could be a good idea in EU – books would then be availble at all the normal book outlets in those countries. However any Foreign language editions would lag behind our direct releases by a year or so.

Limited / collectors edition Prints. Yes. High quality collectors prints of selected images on everything from archival quality large format prints right up to hand painted oil painting reproductions. There would also we a large royalty to the artists involved as well – and we would need to get individual artists permission to do this before we did anything. This is an area that we are activly looking at.

Posters, calendars, cards and prints. Yes and yes… as soon as we can work out how to do this ecconomically. The real problem is that shipping costs make it impractical to sell single cheap posters and calendars… However we might be able to do this if we restricted sales to bundles with book orders. Of course we could just pump these through traditional distribution channels – but that would cost us a pile of money we don’t have just now and not really retun anything to the community. We will find a way to do Posters, Calendards, Cards etc. – and we will get individual artists permission to do this before we did anything.

Statues. Collectable statues are a very real possability that we want to look at doing. Again, this would return significant royalties to artists when we get it going.

uh … as you can see from our all our web sites and book releases. Things are going Ballistic! There are lots of other exciting things planned that I havn’t mentioned. To keep all this going we need really strong direct book sales now! – then slowly we will broaden out the distribution and range of products. For now everyone can help by getting the books, raving about them and telling all your friends, colleagues and relatives to go on line and buy some books – they really are unbelievably good! :slight_smile: If you all do that then you’re all in for an amazing ride as you see the way cool things we have planned for this community :slight_smile:




Hey Splintah, shipping is included in our price (the recommended retail price, which is what a reseller in Austria would charge at the very least).

(edit: sorry this has already been said - Splintah I am PMing you with more details)


I hope NZ’ers have high priority :slight_smile: - come on we’re a stones throw away, I just don’t want to wait 4 weeks like last time. :slight_smile:

The books look great.


That´s some great books. :slight_smile:

Just curious. Have you shipped Exposé2 to all artists yet?
I got in, but haven´t recieved anything yet.


All outstanding orders – excepting Leather Bound editions – will arive here next week and be shiped to customers by air mail. That includes free hard cover editions for artists.

We are still trying to get a delivery date from the printers for the Leather Bound edditions. We have single signed of proofes of these editions and they should be binding them right now, but we don’t have a confirmed delivery date on these just now.


I give never my cash for balistcs shit, I mean its just only like printing cash for this publisher.
Every month coms an book wiht pics form all forums around the world. And coast 50$ and more… :eek:.
The quality off picturs are no more shocking, only 5% of all pictures are very good for my opinion.
So I can also save the same pictures for my self on my hd, and look on they ever when I want to do that. And what I dont do with every picture on the net, but it seems that bailsticspublishers do that well.

If you like, now you can think about why I bay a lot of taschen books, and never books from palistics




Ok, thanks for the answer. Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


Man I’m just realizing how far cgtalk has come from when I joined. Good work guys.


These books look so good! I want to get all of them!

you guys are doing awsome work. :thumbsup:


Question to Mark:

Do you think that the leather bound edition will be delivered until mid-September? I’m asking you this because I’m leaving from my house on the 18th of September and I wouldn’t want to miss the delivery of the book. I live in Uk right now if that helps your answer somehow.

Thanks in advance for the answer.


Please send all specific questions like this to sales@ballisticmedia.net



nice, nice, nice!


I’m too poor…I’m getting my library to order all of them :stuck_out_tongue: :thumbsup:

scurries away


woohoo :), ordered my copy of d’artiste today :smiley:


I think I’ll order Exposé 1 and ELEMENTALS now.

I’m bummed that I missed my chance to get the first Exposé book in it’s Limited Edition however I hadn’t heard of ballistic/cgtalk (sorry! >_<) until just after the number of Limited Editions was used up (or so I’m told).

Although I was able to get a copy of the Limited Edition Exposé 2 and d’artiste books so that’s gotten me excited. I realize that problems arise as they do in any business. I’m hoping that the people working on them can get them to you guys by whatever time you were hoping for. These next two months are going to kill me though. Especially if it comes late (first a mix up on the website, now it may take a little longer), but I’m not too worried. I suppose I’m just a little anxious now hehe.

Cheers to all who can make it to SIGGRAPH.

Oh yeah, support the site by getting some of these books people, it’s a win win, you get some amazing books filled with work from excellent artists and the site stays alive!

Keep the dream alive!

-An ever faithful and generally silent art student


How about a Mail Order form we could print off and pay by cheque. As i would love to buy D’Artiste but i don’t have Visa or MasterCard.


The easiest and cheapest solution if you don’t have a credit card is to find a friend or relative who does, and get them to order for you. We do accept cheques, money orders and telegraphic transfers, however it costs more using these methods, as the banks charge extra fees for foreign transfers that do not apply when using credit cards. If you want details of these other payment methods, email sales@ballisticpublishing.com.


I need to get these really bad, they seem like great inspiration


I envy those that are already going to own copies. These books look wonderful. I am just now getting to work on some newer work and these books would be awesome inspiration.