EXPOSE' 2, D'artiste and ELEMENTAL have landed!


Hi guys,

It’s very exciting times here at Ballistic! 2.5 tonnes of our books are en-route to Los Angeles for SIGGRAPH next week, 1.5 tonnes of books are being flown in from Hong Kong to start sending to pre-order customers, and the rest are on a boat coming in as I type this. The three new books have landed here:

D’artiste: Digital Painting

The books have exceeded our expectations in all aspects of quality. The print was done with AGFA’s new stochastic/halftone screening process, which has blown us all away - all our books now look much better than EXPOSE’ 1. The pages are all thicker, using heavier stock, and the binding is also solid. Basically, we got it down pat - and you will be staggered by the results.

The surprise for us is the extremely positive feedback we’ve been getting for ELEMENTAL following Discreet’s press release. This goes on sale online tomorrow.

So hop onto Ballistic Publishing’s website, get yourself a book, support CGTalk, and we hope to see you at SIGGRAPH next week!


Next week, pre-orders for EXPOSE’ 2 and D’artiste start shipping. We have specially arranged for expedited air freight (at our cost) for current pre-orders. The cargo delivery, unfortunately, is outside our control and is taking a lot longer than expected, so we’ve made a special air freight at our additional cost to start shipping the books to customers.


nice thx for post photos Leonard :thumbsup:


that’s great… anyway leo , i live in HK, where i can get those book in HK?


groovy, looking very nice. thanks for the heads up Leonard


Wooow !!!, cant wait to see in my hands, :bounce:


cant wait to see my work in expose 4 =P lol… awsome… btw thats alot of books!


Bloody marvelous!


Wow, they look great. I might have to order a couple whilst the GB>AUS exchange rate is so good at the moment.


arhhg i missed out on Exposé 1 LE copy:sad: i wanna get 2s LE real soon!


Woohoo! Thanks for the photos, now we can all drool in even greater anticipation. :drool: Can’t wait for my LE copy. :slight_smile:


I just wanted to congratulate everyone with images in the books and also everyone who entered images but did not get in… your work is astounding and an inspiration!

We have set very high standard and been very tough on ourselves and our printers. It’s all been worth it. The quality of the books has exceeded our best expectations in every aspect!

Please - everyone who can, come to SIGGRAPH and say hello; and treat yourselves to the most awesome colection of books you have ever seen.

For those of you who can’t get to SIGGRAPH and have orders – well we have laid out a lot of money (entirely at our cost) to air freight enough books from our printers to us to cover all the current orders. Things have run late for many reasons, not the least of which was our uncompromising drive for the absolute best. But our drive for excellence in all areas also means keeping everyone informed on whats going on and getting books to customers as fast as possible and in as pristine condition as possible.

Please – if you haven’t ordered books yet, or you know someone who would like to, go on line to www.BallisticPublishing.com , do yourselves a favour and this support this community – order some of the best books you will ever have the pleasure of owning!




aw man. Can’t wait to get my copy!


Arhg, never knew about the Elemental book. Guess I am off to drop another credit card # to get yet another great book. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for these books. Another addition to my coffee table of insiring art.


are you shipping the d’artiste and expose’ 2 limited editions now aswell ? or is there a slight delay on those?


it would be amazing if you could cooperate with amazon or soemething like that

its impossible for me to get your books here in vienna austria
and i do not want to pay shipment from overseas for one book

the guy in france doesnt answer mails
and i can´t read french (the french homepage)

so if you could find some german reseller or something worldwide like amazon
or an austrian like www.amadeusbuch.at

that would be great


We are building up the reseller and distribution channels worldwide. This is a major growth area for the company, and it is also one of the most difficult and time consuming - it typically takes years for any company (publishing or any other industry) to get that worldwide distribution. For now (with the publishing division being only one year old), the quickest, easiest way to get the books is to order online.

Please also bear into consideration that this really is the only way that CGNetworks/CGTalk stays online and continues to grow in enhancements for the community. Things such as the hosted gallery (which is already consuming a huge chunk of bandwidth), challenges, hiring staff to be able to continue to upkeep all of this, write articles for CGNetworks, all of which are free for you guys to access, really does cost money. Rather than setting up paypal and begging you guys to give us money like other sites have tried to do, we’ve created a win-win situation where you can get really high quality products, and support the sustainability of this online community.

We don’t charge membership fees to use CGTalk - you come here, use all our bandwidth, watch our CG Films, read all our articles that we give away to the community for free. Man, that’s not a bad deal. Get one book a year from us - yes, pay a little bit for shipping, and you not only help us to make this community continue delivering all this, but you get something that is truly awesome and valuable.

Another thing - there is no difference if you get it from Amazon or if you get it from Ballistic. All our stuff is packaged in individual boxed mailers - you have to run a truck over the package for it to be damaged. The commission that Amazon is charging publishers to have books listed is also absurd, meaning that at the end of the day, we have to raise our prices so that it ends up costing you more (if not the same price) to get the book from Amazon. The main reason why we don’t sell via Amazon is that it doesn’t pass any savings or benefits to our customers (you). We do just as good, if not a better job with looking after our customers directly.



i cant wait. got 2 books on the way :buttrock:


I bought exposé1 when it came out and I also pre-ordered exposé2
I didn’t really buy them because I wanted to support the forum, I really just wanted the books
however now that I think of it, it is really a excellent way to keep this site going financially, I really don’t mind purchasing some books every once in a while to keep this forum going


as far as i remember shipment to austria was quite expensive

but that was a while ago when i was interested in exp1

i don´t mind buying the book
i´d love buying the book but i won´t pay 150% just because i have to get one little package sent from overseas

but i will check your page
shipment prices may have changed

nevertheless ONE more reseller in europe couldn´t hurt
someone that tells you how much it would cost and how long it would take
and has a english homepage and so on
just the basic stuff


Hey yes we need resellers - if you want to be a local agent in Austria for us, or have friends who can, you can find out more here. Seriously, some people have tried it and made some good money (or you can be a good soul and pass the savings on). Some enterprising students arranged for their classes to buy EXPOSE’ 1 in bulk and became the local ‘point man’ to get the book from. So yeah, maybe you could be our first Austrian guy. :slight_smile: