Exporting to FBX with animated deformers


Hey everyone,

I’ve tried a few different things, and searched through the forums for answers, but I still haven’t been able to figure this out.

I’m trying to export an animation for someone to open in Maya, but I’m using bend deformers on the arms and legs of the character. I tried baking the deformations, doing point caching, and PLA exports, tried multiple different export options, and nothing seems to bring the animated geometry over. It just seems to be stuck on the first pose of the geometry.

Here’s the C4D file:
Piggie Animation - C4D

And here’s the FBX file that comes out.

Any ideas?




Hi AmericanJudkins,

Just tried it. I think FBX is a no go.
But there is a workaround (or I’d say a better workflow).
Export is as an alembic and you’re piggy will be jumping in no time!

For whatever reason that you’d need an fbx. Try to convert it from ABC to FBX.

Good luck!


The Point cache thats made within C4D is not baked into keyframes. Use Steady Bake plugin, and make sure the primitive objects are editable objects. I just tried it and once you get it baked into keyframes fbx works fine. What version of C4D are you using?

PS: i tried to do all objects and for some reason some of the objects even with pla baked frames just wont hold, very odd. Makes me wonder if even Alembic files will work? I cant even realy see how your model is being animated, no rig, hardly any deformers, Iooking at some of the objects it seems you have some baked, some not with duplicate files in there. The scene needs clearning up and the original file with all deformers or rig needs to be looked at.



…or NitroBake2 by Lazaros. Not free, but bake everything…


Although Nitrobake does the same as Steady bake regarding baking side of things, does Nitrobake bake multiple files with one click, if so for that reason alone its worth it.