Exporting Soft Body Animation into a Game Rig (Vertex Constraints?)


Hello all,

I need help taking a baked soft body and exporting it’s animation onto a game rig, since our game engine doesn’t support baked geometry.

What I’ve been trying to do is constrain the joints of the game rig to each control point on the soft body so I can bake them out afterwards, but Maya Complete doesn’t have a vertex constraint. I downloaded a script for it, but it gets glitchy if I put too much on.

Is there any ideal way to bring soft body animation onto a skeleton for game use? Let me know if you need more information.


You can try the rivet script.


there is a way normally i do for that is create a nurbs obj as same as poly,

use wrap to it then create joint as per isoparms and duplicate surface curves of nurb obj

then using iksplineHandle with option auto create curve off

using those duplicated surface curve i can get the animation on to

joints, then bake animation on joints and delete which is not use.

hope this may use for you


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