Exporting Parasolids


We have a request from a client to export a 3d model as a parasolid (.x_t file extension).

We use the Okino Plugin and Poly Trans to import a parasolid (.x_t file extension) but dont see a way to export as a .x_t model.

The client only wants one model so it hardly warrants purchasing a special software program.

Any thoughts?







reference reference
try(import model into solid works as IGES, export as a parasolid) catch (purchase a plugin for max)
if fileType == .x_t then (exported mesh from max must be nurbs)
–hope this helps


I suggest you ask the client what other formats he can import. I would imagine that most 3d packages can take more then one kind of file format. OBJ is fairly popular so ask him if it can take that.


ParaSolids is a Solids/NURBS format and probably doesn’t support mesh/poly objects. None of the translators that I have support .x_t export, but they do support .x_t import. It does appear that Anark Core supports .x_t export, but again it may need to be a solids/NURBS format to do so.



I contacted Robert Langsdale at Okino and he basically said the same thing.

My client may need to find a different company to create the parasolid model, unless there is a good free (or close to free) modeling software we can buy to create this for him.



You could use Max NURBS, convert to Body Object, and export that using the .SAT exporter and see if they can use that. Rhino3D ($995) has native .x_t export, so that may be an option. The other option would be moi3d ($295), supports .SAT, .STEP, and .IGES export. Hopefully one of those is supported import format for ParaSolids. moi3d was developed by an ex-Rhino3D programmer and should provide better modeling tools Max’s native toolset.



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