Exporting into a format you can read with C++


I own Lightwave9.6 and I need to import 3D data from files for a game using C++.
The importer I use is called assimp importer(found here http://assimp.sourceforge.net/).
It imports a variety of formats and even lws and lwo.
The issue is that I need to import files with bones and aninmationns. The only file format I was able to get bones from was the archaic .x file.
Whenever I try to import an lws file or an .x file generated by D-Storm’s DirectX exporter plug in from layout, I get an empty scene with only a root node.
I remember I used to import x files years ago with lightwave andn the same D-Storm plug in(includinng bones and animations), but I don’t recall how.

Is there any viable solution to import scenes from lightwave into a C++ windnows application\game?


Modern LightWave versions have Collada and FBX exporters…
Even OBJ exporter is better than in LW v9.x, because they have added vertex normals…


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