Exporting from maya to Houdini with alembic: Partical Fluids


Hello, I am trying to export some deforming geo from maya to houdini however it dose not seem to be behaving with houdini’s dynamics systems. Collision geo is not working with imported alembic scenes. I heard somewhere it may be because the alembic file is not exporting the right attributes out of maya. Any ideas how to resolve this issue?


You would have to attach some test case file (abc) to investigate. Hard to guess like this.


Sure thing. I uploaded the Maya scene where I have some simple geo, the abc file that I exported from it, and a simple hip file with particle fluids and the imported abc file that I cannot get to act as a collision obj.


The ABC geometry will work if you fix the route path ie dive down into the abc asset and add a correct reference to the geometry path , either you have broken this or there is something wrong with the creation of the alembic file from Maya, the latter would not surprise me.

add chs("../../../fileName") to the path parameter for node pCubeShape1

I also note the hammer shaped geometry does not move. Another tip would be to extract out the abc data using a fresh geometry node and then pipe that into your dop sim. You can then update your abc files at will without screwing things further down the chain.

As to there being problems with attributes, from Maya, Ive not heard of issues but in any case due to Houdini’s brilliance you can recreate any you might need using VOPs and some simple vector math !



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