exporting fluid as obj(just single frame)


Hello. I’m very new to blender and for the last day I’ve been playing around with the fliud simulation. Pretty neat stuff… I was wondering if there was a way to export a single frame of the fluid as an obj file? I tried to run this script here but I get a python script error… I’m guessing it’s an outdated script since the link is broken as well… If anyone knows how to do this please let me know, even if it’s possible to convert the fluid into a mesh inside blender and then export, that would be fine as well… Thanks!


Select the frame that you want, select the fluid and hit Alt+C, click conver to mesh (keep orignal). this way it’ll keep the fluid bake data, incase you want to select a new frame. Anyway you will now have to objects in the viewport that look the same, one will be the fluid sim data, the other will be a mesh, select the mesh and export it as an Obj.

Or you could just click apply modifier and export it that way, they are both the same ways though. But with the first option you can keep the fluid sim data.


I use the export wavefront obj script that is included in the 2.48a of blender, it works great! also you can export an animation, but it’s up to you.



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