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Hi Everyone,

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Thought I’d post here because this the stage right after the question I’m asking.

I have a short film about 5 mins that I’ve finished and have it as a 720 x 480 NTSC DV AVI in Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.
What export settings do you use to convert it to a smaller format at the best quality ?

I looked into Export to Adobe Media Encoder in Premiere Pro 1.5 which has a slew of codec options but am not sure which one to choose. Some codecs seem to take very long to export even from DV avi.

I’d like to eventually get two media output. Quicktime 7 and .AVI or .wmv whichever works better.
If anyone can give more information about this or provide links to where this is discussed I would really appreciate it. Google searches show up tons of links most of which are heavily debated in regards to quality.
Since most of you here have finished your animation, which codec solution proved the most efficient?

Thanks in advance to all answers and for reading.


I’m not sure about the codec vs. codec debate with regards to Premiere Pro 1.5. I think the best option is to use Premiere to export frames for the entire animation, do a “save as…” on the premiere file, drop out the video track(s), and bring in the exported frames as the sole video track.

From there, you should have a multitude of options for exporting that will give you the optimal size/compression you’re looking for. Whenever I have tried to recompress an AVI or MOV without converting to frames it has resulted in a massive output movie.

For web & Quicktime 7 (or for posting it here), try Sorensen Video 3, Medium Compression. For the sound use 22kHz 8-bit, mono. That’s a good baseline for web, you can tweak the settings as necessary for quality.

Good Luck!

EDIT: Oh yes and for resolution, you may want to bring it down to 50% for faster download.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for responding. Didn’t know about exporting directly from frames. Maybe that explains a lot. I had a long edit in Premiere Pro and had a bunch of filters running on them so they wouldn’t playback in real time. I exported it as a DV AVI so the filters wouldn’t kill the playback.
Don’t think I have the space on here right now to export frames from the original edit (Plus with all the filters it takes about 8 hours straight to render). I tried exporting the DV AVI through the Adobe Media Encoder as a .wmv file which gave me a very nice output but there are random jumps every couple of seconds. Looks like some sort of keyframe intervals? not sure.

I’ll try the QT 7 with Sorenson 3 and 22 kHz although I’d really like to shoot for stereo instead of mono. Any hints on AVI output?

Thanks again,


Yeah sound quality is what tends to increase the file size…you can try tweaking the settings though and might end up with something reasonable.

As far as WMV, I could be wrong but I think you might need Windows Media Encoder (?) to make those efficiently and tweak all the settings as necessary. I don’t know much about that format though…

For AVI, I usually use the same audio settings I mentioned before, but tweak the settings for the Cinepak compression. That’s a codec that most people have installed by default. As I’m sure you agree, there is nothing more frustrating than being told ‘hey guys you need the latest Divx plugin’ when just looking through animations for inspiration (or for work). I usually just skip those. Cinepak is a decent one at medium quality, and I’m 99% sure everyone has it.

To cover Mac and PC though, I would recommend Quicktime.


Hey Kevin (and any one else reading),

I exported the animation video from Premiere Pro using Sorenson Video 3 and the video seems fine (not really that great) and the text is just plain unreadable. I thought I could tweak some of the settings so in APP in the Export dialog under settings I clicked the ‘configure’ button next to the Sorenson Video3 option and it gave me a window with no options to change any of the settings. I also didn’t see any option for ‘Medium Compression’ that you had referred to earlier.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong here or missing something because after you said Sorenson’s the most common, I checked the movie info on most uploaded QT files and most use the same sorenson codec but the quality on that is way better. Not sure how to fix it. What’s most important as of now is for the text to come out a lot more crisp. Any ideas?



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