Exporting Cinema 4D for Swift 3D


I have a model I exported to .3d3 format then imported in to Swift 3D. It crashed Swift 3D and eventually I got it to open but was really slow. Is there any tips to export the file? Is there something I can do to trim it down? Or maybe on my next model create it in a way that is favorable to Swift 3d?


Below is an image of the zygote man that comes packaged with C4D. I exported as .3ds from C4D and then opened in Swift 3D and rendered as vector.

This next link is a animated cube from C4D exported to .fbx 6 then converted to .3ds then opened in Swift 3D and rendered as vector swf. http://www.artzfx.com/images/c4d_cube.swf

Reason for the fbx export is because C4D won’t export animations direct to .3ds format.

You can only import frame by frame animations into Swift 3D no mesh deformations, hence you can’t animate the zygote man and import to Swift 3D.

Hope this helps.


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