Exporting a textured 3D model to be viewed in PPT



I am giving a PPT presentation and would like to be able to show my model and rotate it, etc (model viewer) type functions. I’d like to export from MAX and bake the material/color/texture as well and have that displayed. Outside of a 3D PDF are there any suggestions on how I can do this? I’ve found some stand alone viewers but they can’t embed into PPT and mostly don’t support textures/materials. If anyone has done something like this or heard of something like this I’d appreciate some help.



The beauty of powerpoint is compatibility, so embedding 3d into it sort of defeats the purpose of the format.

Also then anyone who wanted to view it or download it would then have to install some 3rd party app, and most IT departments would say no.

Maybe you could figure a way to embed a quicktime vr into it. Otherwise… Flash or PDF.


Why not render out a turntable animation and import that into your ppt?

Appart from that you’ll have to do it like everyone else does, switch to an external vieuwer for that part.


Nowadays i would use Sketchfab and a WebGL capable browser to demo models. Only problem with the free sketchfab is that all your uploaded models are public. At least this was the case last time i checked. There is a pretty good 3ds Max ->Sketchfab exporter available: https://sketchfab.com/exporters/3dsmax

BTW: was’nt cgsociety supporting direct sketchfab embedding ?
Now i see the 3d button wants to embed “verold” files, a format i never heard of …


I looked into it and quicktime vr isn’t supported since 10.1.whatever. Bah.