Explosive device, Klaudio Ladavac (3D)


Title: Explosive device

Name: Klaudio Ladavac

Futuristic explosive device which would not have classic mechanical parts (fuze, safety lever, etc.) but instead to be “smarter” device for which you can choose settings prior its use on your wearable electronics/display. For example, to:

  • Choose to explode on impact (when you throw it and it hits the ground),
  • Timer
  • Applied pressure (acts more like a landmine)
  • Movement…etc.
    I was mostly imagining this being a more important prop so the character on the movie interacting with it somehow would fill in all the gaps so i didn’t want to put myself in the box and try to make emphasis on the current day (present) functionality this time but instead on a certain scifi look.


awesome, would love to hear more about your modeling techniques you used to build this.