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This is my first try for a challenge here ! I wish I can finish this :wink:
My senario should be this :

My Character has 2 hands !! Right hand has fingers , Left hand no fingers !! (maybe he left them in a war !)…
He will find the Ring hardly … He picks it gladly with his right hand and try to place it on the left hands finger !!! he can’t use it because of what u know ! And finally he will loose it :wink:
(he is a little stupid !)

I love FUN , so I prefer to do every thing FUNNY :wink: I have some other ideas , and maybe use them !!

 Comments are all welcome 
 Reza Misaghi


Hi reza
that sounds very funny. a nice approach to the task. look forward to see it



i think it would be funny if it showed him trying to put it on his right hand in different ways: holding the ring in his teeth and trying to put his finger in, laying it on the ground and trying to sweep it up with a finger; getting frustrated because he can’t do it.
just some suggestion. i like the idea.


thanx miho .
hey you right ! Thanx lazorwolf ! I will work on what you say in the story board , but you know the 15sec Limitation makes it hard to do !!
Maybe I will change the Ending , and make him put it on !! and then BOOOM !!!
I am working on this on !!!
Thanx for your help :wink:

Reza Misaghi


Ok ,
Here is a sketch of my character !!
I know it’s not so Simple ! but I will try to model it more Simple in 3D , it’s just to Free my mind :wink:
What’s your opinion ?!
Reza Misaghi


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