explorer uses 6 gb of memory


Hi everyone!

I am using a batch file to render multiple scenes, that display up to 8000 small videoclips and therefore use lots of texture memory.

After 6 hours of rendering the taskmanager shows, that of my 8gb ram “mayabatch.exe” uses 700mb while the prozess “explorer.exe” uses up to 6 gb.

My question: is this normal behavior? does mayabatch use parts of the explorer as texturecache?


it might come from your .log file in your preferences folder.
i don’t know exactly the reason but some renders overload the batch log file, maybe a cnfllict between different versions of maya…
i had this trouble ‘a long time ago’, it was coming from my pref.


Thanks for the tip Christophe, but I cant find any .log-file in neither the maya installation folder nor the documents folder larger than a few MBs. I am logging the output via the “render.exe” commandline option “-log” into separate files, that each dont exceed 2MB in size.


near your mayaLog and mayaJournal files in users/…/documents/maya, there should be a mayaRenderLog.txt file, check it … mine was weighting 8gbs when i had this problem while it was rendering…
you can also disable explorer.exe in your taskmanager during your rendering and re-launch it after… for freeing your memory, just the time to fix your problem…


Jup. Found “mayaRenderLog.txt”. Had 6 MBs and last entries from a month ago, since I use separate logs.

However, the memory consumption does not seem to slow down the render and is never at 100%. I was just wondering, if this is normal maya behavior or if I am wasting memory somehow.

The taskmanager shows the following values:

explorer.exe: Memory usage 5 GBs, CPU load 00%.
mayabatch.exe: Memory usage 1.5 GBs, CPU load 99%.

But as soon as maya starts a new frame, mayabatch CPU load drops and explorer CPU load climbs up to 75%.

A laymans conclusion: maya is indeed using the explorers cache to load textures. I hope.


try to disable the Maya Web Browser plug-in !
you certainly activated it, i presume because theorically… maya is not using the explorer cache, it should stay at low memory…
check in user guide/general/basics/interface overview, work with menu items, tools and options/web browser plugin … some scripts are running through the browser !


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