Explore popup hiding behind main window on Linux



I’ve just realized that when pressing the ‘Explore’ or ‘Selection’ buttons (among others), the popup list will only show in front of the XSI main window for the first time I open it. Every following call will have it open in the background and I can only ALT+TAB it back in front.
I am running Foundation on KDE 3.3.2. I’ve also played with the KDE window settings for a bit but have not been able to resolve this.

Any ideas how to fix this?



Could anyone running XSI under KDE please post his “Window behavior” settings so that I can at least compare them to mine?!



Have you set XSI to “always focus” or “always on top”? remove that if you have that… I’m running WindowMaker so I can’t really help out with KDE.

stefan andersson


You can’t even set this, as the window does not have a title bar where you could click on to set this option. Thanks for the input though.

I have however managed to get it running by creating a new window specific behavior rule:
[li]Create a new “Window specific setting” and give it a description such as ‘XSI’ (all following text without the ‘’)
[/li][li]Window class needs to be ‘Xsi MainWin’
[/li][li]Check “match whole window class”
[/li][li]On the “Windows extras” tab set “Window title” to “Regular Expression” and enter ‘^$’ (which basically means that the window has no title)
[/li][li]On the preferences tab, check “Keep above” and set it to “Force” and check the box right to it
[/li][li]Close the window by clicking “OK” and then hit “Apply” to activate
This setting will force the popup window to always be in the foreground. The hard part was finding a way to specify that the rule should apply to a window which had no title…


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