Exploration spaceship, Stef (3D)





Title: Exploration spaceship

Name: Stef

Country: Italy

Submitted: 31st May 2016

Thrust challenge work in progress on science research exploration spaceship.


I am wondering how does it to update the images? I have uploaded more images but they do not show up in the main thread?


Is this thread updated with the portfolio Gallery ? Couse when I clicked comment on the portfolio gallery it opened another thread in the actual normal gallery .

And why it doesn’t show the other images from the gallery?


Are you trying to update more images to this thread? I’ll check back and try to help you.


YEs I added more images to the gallery portfolio but they do not show up , also is there a way to organize deleting the old WIP images and leaving the more recent ones? So that it transfers als oto the thread?


Well looks like the Thread isn’t self udpating when I load more new images on the linked gallery , dunno why … so I have to add them manually ?

In case here an update :