Exploding Characters???


I am planning on doing quite a large animation (in Studio Max 5.1) with lots of spider-like alien creatures being shot apart. Basically I want to use normal Max bone animation to animate them… or at least an IK solution applied directly to their linked body parts. Then various parts of them need to be shot off, unlinked from the creature and stop being controlled by their IK. I would then use normal keyframe animation on the body parts or better still, some physics simulation.

I have seen this effect work quite successfully in a number of games but haven’t yet figured out how to do it in Max. Can anyone think of a good way of achieving this?


I think I have found a way of doing it. Basically I will set up some bones for the alien character that match the model. But instead of using the skin/physique modifier to deform the mesh I will use link constraint controllers to link all the different mesh limb segments to their bones. That way I can use the bones to animate the aliens and use the link constraint controller to unlink different (mesh) body parts as they get shot off. Unfortunately this technique only works for characters that have ‘separate’ solid body parts such as robots, knights in armor etc. This doesn’t stop you using skin/physique on the parts you do not want to detach however.

BTW I haven’t tried this yet but I am quite confident it will work.


Cool stuff.

Keep me updated, im curious if this will work.

BTW on a normal human model i think it can be achieved if you model the part where you know hes arm will be shot off. Cut that peace, cap the holes and make it seem like flesh ripped, then just detach that part when it gets shot off.


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