Experiments, Martin Nabelek (3D)


Title: Experiments
Name: Martin Nabelek
Country: Slovakia
Software: 3ds max, After Effects, VRay

I was experimenting with translucent materials in Vray, and few renders were pretty interesting, so i finished them to these results. On every piece I spent only few hours, so its not perfect, but I hope, you will like it!


cool experiments !i like it
best regards


I like this style,


Nice dude! Fantastic work. I’d love to see some wireframes (to see how much was geometry and how much were shaders). I’d also love to see how you went about getting those textures. Any chance of a tut? I’m new to 3dsmax and vray so any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks guys, Im glad you like it :slight_smile: geometry is made only with noise and few displacement modifiers… Nothing special. And there are no textures, only vray materials and i was playing with fallofs and refraction ( fog, translucency, etc.). I dont find this stuff very interesting to make a tutorial, but maybe with some better project, I will explain these things. Thanks for feedback :slight_smile:



Very nice textures! Amazing! Can you make a tutorial for the first shader! Is it ice? Keep working!!!


needs to be more stuff like this posted here. too many perfect pristine cars, interiors, and portraits. not enough variance in content.

very interesting.


very interesting results


that is so cool!! I like the mood a lot.


Thanks all! :slight_smile:


very interesting and impressive results



Could you share the tutorial?!
I’ll wait for…
Thanks a lot first:p


Thanks a lot for feedback, guys, you are awesome! For those, who want a tutorial - I dont have much time to write some (Im preparing for admission exams for art university - a lot of drawing and stuff… you know), I still dont completly understand how it works (i need more time to tweak parameters and see how they affect another) and its really nothing special. Some details about these materials - I didnt used any photographic reference and textures, only procedural maps, I made models from box, with lots of turbosmooth, noise and multiple displacement modifiers. finaly the material is basic VrayMtl with strong refraction, glossines is about 0.5 and i have used fog, and turned on translucency, and played with parameters. Finally, the postprocess that I have used, made this stuff more interesting - some color corrections and rendered Zdepth pass and used some DOF plugin in afterefects - you can use tha camera blur (in AE CS5.5) or Dof Pro, or other stuff. Again, big thanks for replies, i appreciate it.



Thanks for the info on the scene! I really appreciate it. I’m assuming that the crystals were just added geometry. Again great work and good luck on your work for your admission!


So fantastic work. Congrats…


Lovely image :slight_smile:


Very nice mood! excellent shaders :cool:


Looks like shot from “Everything above else” by Alex Roman.
Cool anyway


Wow, perfect! Do you have some larger resolution?


Thanks a lot guys! Im glad that you like it :slight_smile: Sadly, i don’t have it in higher resolution, because i didn’t planned, to upload it here. Maybe i will do the final touches again on higher-res render (1536x???) and i’ll post it here.

Yes, Alex Roman’s shot “Above everything else” was my main inspiration and reference for lighting effects, and materials.

Again, thanks a lot guys for your feedback and nice comments :slight_smile: and BIG THANKS for CG Choice Award! :slight_smile: