Experiment Chamber, Toni Bratincevic (3D)


Amazing mood - and the little details makes it very very good. Plugged on frontpage!


I like this style, great details, maybe the floor is a bit weird


Nicely done neighbour.

Master of environmets.Keep it up,wish you fast showreel assembly.
Im doing one myself,but it will take time to put it together.

Seeya Toni.:beer:


Love it man. Great idea for an environment.


crazy mad details!!! how did you texture that!? great stuff mate.


The stucco texture on the wall is a tad too large and bumpy, but other than that, i think the whole concept, lighting, detail etc are great.
Keep up the good work!:thumbsup:


Toni, your will to do this all the way is somewhat making me do more stuff in 3d. Wire please :slight_smile:


I always loved the ambient on your pictures. Excellent mood has this one too.
Toni, svaka čast.


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Thanks for nice comments.

Ste-One …
They told me before that bump is to strong and I set it to 50%, but it seams that that wasn’t enough. :slight_smile: Well, good point.

Sinnestanten …
Thanks. Yes, the bumpy bumpiness. :slight_smile: I was thinking about showing character from the back so that It doesnt distracts to much. But, time time… :frowning:

Great! A big thanks for that!

Thanks. I think I had enough images with crushed floors. :slight_smile:

Hey AIR. I didnt know you were living in same city. :wink: Well, what about some meeting for cup of coffee. You, I and Crity. :wink: I started to work on my show about 5-6 months ago… and yes it takes some time to compile it…

theanimeister …
Hey man. Some textures were 2D textured on UV coordinates and many others are just a projections which doesnt need any UV and map quite good. Well, I am thinking about some small tutorial for this one. I will see how much spare time can I have for this.

Dennik …
I wich I had this comment about the bump before so I can correct it. Always that small mistakes. But, thanks anyway.

criticalmechanism …
You are the man! :wink: I am glad to inspire you a little bit. :wink: Wire is comming.

Joyo …
Thanks and … I pozdravi mi Split!


And here are some images from postprocessing, and the usual wireframe…


wonderful image:thumbsup: 5*


Nice one. Cool Composition, details and light. I only wish someone were in the room :wink:


amazing details. Dirt textures are quite good, and the lighting is also perfect, giving a really special mood. Good job man, and thanks for the little making of !


I liked a lot all these vintage elements and how you play with the light. When I saw this for the first time I believed that this was a laboratory-prison for a modern Frankenstain… Great atmosphere !:thumbsup:


I like your renders men. :slight_smile: Award Winner ? :thumbsup:


Wow, awesome.


Is realy a great scene…nice render and powerful modeling with uncountable details…Actualy i thought u have made this nice high-contrast render by self mental ray…but as i see uve done it in post proccessing thats awesome to me…is realy such as Vray renders…Have u ever tried on Vray?


Welldone Toni,

I’m very interested in your Lighting approach. In process #1 looked like you use GI?FG approach? How many lights did you use? Time rendered? Poly count?

Very curious of how you set the ambient+Occ pass, since it’s an indoor set. Did you use amb_occ or ctrl_occ? How did you combine it with ambient color in one pass? Did you include bump in this pass (I couldn’t see it in the small pic).

Sorry for so many questions. I did a similar task for indoor animation and I was pulling my hair out getting the look I want (Mine was nowhere near yours)

I like your lighting very much but I lost the subject in the composition. Loved the details.




Excellent work! That’s a great looking set, the lighting really sets the mood and you can really feel the dirt and grime with those fantastic textures.

How long do you reckon it took you (separately) to model, texture and light?

I would be keen to see a live-action actor integrated into this set and see how it plays, it looks very good. Great job!


Beautiful work! the texture and mood of the entire scene are amazing!

inspiring rendering!


ps: congrats on the the header!