Experiment Chamber, Toni Bratincevic (3D)


Title: Experiment Chamber
Name: Toni Bratincevic
Country: Croatia
Software: Digital Fusion, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Because I am buliding my showreel, I go through all projects from the past and remodel them to look better… and this was one of that revisited pictures.

The idea was to create a hallway with chamber which was used to conduct all kind of experiments by some mad scientist.

Modelling/Rendering was done in Maya/Mentalray. Postprocessing in Digital Fusion. Hope you like it…


:eek: wow!!!

My first though was “I want to know if Subject H is still behind this door” and what happen
to him/her :applause: this is incredible, beautiful work!

I love it!


awesome scene! beautiful mood! love it!


Fine piece. Love th egreat attention to detail and the excellent lighting.


great scene!!:thumbsup:…nice work on the textures…and great render :applause:


hey toni

great works - looks like a lot of hard work texturing and modelling ! but i would say definatley worth it ! wonderful atmosphere…

i would have loved a character in the scene though ! maybe even a hand poking around the door …



Good work on details :thumbsup:


MistaT …
Hey thanks. I have some thoughts about what is behind a door, but it was to morbid. :slight_smile: Well, it is up to viewer to thing about who is behind… but there are some informations at the sign at the door. :wink:

turx, kenwas, tuuhia…

bearfoot …
I was thinking about modeling some small bald mad scientist, but since I dont have to much time these days that was abadoned. Yes, there are a lot of textures in the scene. But, for example there are only two-three metals with different colors which I combined all over the scene… and I am using triplanar projection mapping which works great, and doesnt need any UV coordinates. Anyway, thanks for the comment.


Nice render! I like the mood, texturing and lighting.


bearfoot, PeterSanitra …
Thanks for nice comments.

If someone is interester in wireframe I could send it today…


What a mass, hehehe…
Great work!


Both super detailed and well lit/composited.

I’m interested in the wire (are there any displacement maps?)
Also is it possible to see something of the layers/comp work ,if you have time?
Thanks, great work!


maurocor …
Hey, thanks…

NiZu …
Then I will send the wire today in 5-6 hours from now. I will also make a little progress of color corrections in postprocess. There is no displacement… I made a little test with ground and displacement but it doesnt do to much so I sticked to pure model.


Very detailed and interesting image, nice textures, congratulations!


I like it! Lot of details looks amazing, but may be the bump of the walls are too strong.


Oh my god, those details are siiiiiiiiiick! Thats awesome. Sweet textures and modeling. Nice work!


That was… wow! Great work!

A character in the scene would have been too much. The environment and composition has enough detail to make it interesting anyway.

I agree with Ste-One on the bump on the walls. It makes the image look granier than it actually is. But it is a minor flaw in an excellent picture :slight_smile:


Amazing work!!! :wink:


Fantastic work man
lots of details
good job :slight_smile:


damn man !:eek: this is great! beautiful textures, beautiful light, great ambience!