Experienced modeller for shoes needed


Dear Community

I’m looking for a experienced modeller to model some high quality men dress shoes.

The situation is this:
A friend of mine works as a shoe designer (very classic crafting approach, no 3D tools involved) and had the idea of digitalizing his products.

Now, 3d scans or photogrammetry might not do the work since the retopo might need way too much time.

Therefore the idea is to directly remodel the shoes as nice,clean subdivision models.
That would allow to properly UV, texture and visualize them in CINEMA 4D or whatever rendering software.

Therefore we now look for a modeller who is preferably experienced in shoe modelling or at least a generally experienced modeller.
Which software package would be used is secondary, but the shoes would be textured and rendered in CINEMA 4D, so a good exchange, probably via FBX, would be necessary.

Please note that this is not yet an official project, we are currently in the “proof of concept” phase and try to find the best way to do all these things.
Therefore, we might would want you to do one shoe as a test and then later, if everything works out and the project hopefully gets it’s “GO”, the whole rest (quite a few).

It would mainly be classic mens dress shoes such as oxfords, monks, derbies, boots, etc.

Are you interested?
If so, please send me an PM via my profile here with information about you, your experience, your modelling techniques and what you roughly estimate to charge for a high detailed shoe model of a classic men dress shoe.

Thanks a lot,