Expectations for 2019?


I have no beef with the developers.

I have major problems with the people running the company.


@pokoy Warning, the following is off topic from 2019 predictions:

This isn’t about the developers, it is about Autodesk’s policies and behavior. Autodesk is not your friend no matter how many good people work there. Trying to hide Autodesk’s well earned bad reputation behind the cover of normal working people is, intentionally or not, manipulative. The relationship is purely transactional. Users give Autodesk money they give users a “working” product. Users report bugs, request features Autodesk fixes or implements, or not. Users are free to walk away but the cost of doing so is pretty high, which is by design.

The beta is a self selecting group. It will skew any feedback in a positive direction by its nature. Studios that want to be in the beta will stay there and test, those who don’t or can’t, won’t.
Snark alert: The beta testing has been coming from the user base all along (dramatic orchestral sting)!!! Most users have just had to pay for it, especially now that the plan is to spray out a constant hot stream of updates. The preceding was snark and applies only the corporation known as Autodesk and any and all employees at the C level.

So the answer to being “tricked, screwed and milked” year after year, is to do more of the same and…get more of the same. Long time users have heard this before and have paid to be milked like cash cows. Where’s the incentive to Autodesk when the only option going forward is pay or GTFO. Updates were the way at the beginning, then subscriptions, and now rental. This time will be different, baby, trust me.


OK… But, what would Sarcasm do?
Also this was suppose to be a talk about 3dsMax 2019 not Autodesk policy.

BTW, Modo Indie just followed renal only. Why don’t you just start to learn Blender? I think that your only solution.


I think they should, at the very least, unify the GUI. You know, so any new adopters, if there are any, don’t immediately know that Autodesk is incompetent.


They are doing right now. But, it is long boring process.
For example, StateSet converted to Qt(The same editor which pflow and MCG uses) in 2018.
There are hundreds of windows to convert.

Maya spent the entire release to move Qt without any new features. I don’t 3dsMax users want to see that.


Full new set of icons.
For every 3 new features, 4 things which have worked perfectly for over a decade will break. Three of those will never get fixed.
2 of those “new” features will be something which exists in a superior form as an available script or plugin, or was purchased by Autodesk.
1 of those new features will be so esoteric and/or half baked that 95 of 100 people never use it.
You’ll spend a day getting your UI to resemble your current working environment because there’s still no way to port custom settings.
You’ll wait 6 months for plugin developers to support the new version.
You’ll wait 9 months for a version which fixes all the bugs that are ever going to get fixed–the rest will be ignored in perpetuity or labeled a feature.
Quicksilver render will disappear.
Art render will begin it’s slow death with no new features or added support.
Maintenance prices will rise 20% for existing perpetual license holders,
Autodesk will announce another 20% increase for the following year.


Stupid, meaningless,pseudo-sarcastic one-liners and endless whining in various forums.


Well, it might not be terribly constructive, but if this kind of reaction is that widespread and consistent, one should be able to glean something from it besides it being annoying and stupid.


Is this a joke? No one can be that stupid! Or can they!? Do Irony and hypocrisy mean nothing?


OT: seems Mudbox got a new lease of life…


Yeah, in Maya. You can rent it separately at the moment, but it’s doomed on its own under the rental-only policy.

If you rent Maya, you get Mudbox. (the integrated version of it)
If you rent 3ds max you don’t get Mudbox and have to rent it separately, along with everything else. << Edit: Apparently this is not true and mudbox is included.
If Autodesk allowed a subscriber access to all of their software for a monthly fee, they might have more luck.


Thats strange, we got mudbox as apart of our subscription for 3dsmax


If you were to subscribe to 3ds max, how do you know that mudbox is included?


Yep, it`s a joke…


Under manage products and services on the autodesk website its listed as in the products available with a few other freebies.

You could check with your vendor, i usually call them up once a year to check whats included and what plans would suit the needs of the business.

Edit: it appears this is apart of the 3 year subscription we have. I just checked their product list on the site it seems the only option to get mudbox is through the entertainment pack now for a low low price of $415 US per month… :joy:


That must be Maya from other some company.
Mudbox is a separate product at $10 /month or You can buy Entertainment Collection which include 3dsMax, Maya, Mudbox, MutionBuilder.


if you’re a modeller, not of lowres variety, $80/yr for this (Mudbox) is very reasonable…


You are right, that is super cheap


“expecrtations” and “AD” - a contextual objection, that migh never be said in one sentence…

Maybe - and only maybe: refurbishing Corefundamentals, bringing all the SO MUCH WANTED form the users to a senseful (!) Point, having an eye on wht they are really doing and all in all, to observe, where important things have to be done and wht not, and controlling from professional eyes, that the the UX is getting really really better. High dreamlike imaginations.
Like the Viewportsetting in the last versions: how could they spend workingtime on something, that is totally unimportant, since it is so low in priority compared to other needs, that you are really wondering, if they dont take any drugs or so? Why cant they hear and read what Users want to have. Also Support by telephon - just a distaster. But this happens when a Multiconcern is taking everything over.

I expect, building some bought 3rd party tools inside. Of course the dont have to work properly with the rest of the Software, and should miss some features, what the originial Pluggin did much better. But so they have something so AWESOME, that they can do some pat on theire backs!


if that would be the case - and who knows of course, since silent waters might be deep - it would be great from AD to inform customers about this.
the cow needs to give milk, whether quality is good or not. Quiet a contemporary thing these days. To bad for guys who pay yearly subscription for this kind of release updates.