Expectations for 2019?


Since it’s coming up to that time of year… any thoughts on what might appear in 2019?

Incremental improvements to fluids at a guess?
Maybe some more MCG stuff.
I’m hoping for a bit more on the data channel modifier - I find that a bit more my level than MCG.

With the layoffs and a couple of plugin manufacturers already have recompiles sorted, I’m wondering if it’s going to be an even thinner than usual release.


Probably bifrost updates, arnold updates (arnold render window maybe?), more bugs implemented, and probably working features modified to become useless. Oh and 10% faster view port.


Since their business model switched to rental, are your sure there’s going to be a 3dsmax 2019 or more a 2018.5 … 6 …7 a.s.o. ?


Well it might effectively be that, sure - but they’re not going to call it that.

  • Hopefully more multithreading support/updates on existing tools. (wasn’t there a rumor they were working on making particle flow multithreaded a few years ago? That would be nice.)

  • More nodes “a-la substance designer” in slate editor.

  • Useful node interface for everything in the scene would also be nice (allowing more advanced possibilities and a more clear overview of the modifier stack, wired parameters with added possibility to add math nodes etc in-between, controllers, etc…).
    Possibly replace the modifier stack with it. I know, I know… The modifier stack is like sacred in max, but lets be honest, the modifier stack is getting old and it’s starting to show… nodes offer more possibilities.

  • Better colormanagment.


Expectations for 2019… after another round of ADSK layoff this year??



Well worth the steady increase of maintenance subs…


From 3dsMax 2018, all Autodesk product is in continuous update mode.
Now the major version just means SDK break.
Let’s see how much they add afterPU4.

At least 3dsMax 2018 has gotten 4 feature added PUs while Maya only has gotten 2 bugfix PUs. :slight_smile:


Does it necessarily mean a plug-in recompile?

Used to be more-or-less every other version.


3dsMax is currently undergoing a lot of fundamental changes under the hood.


Do we know how many on the Max team were affected?




Doubt that.


The last layoff was a little bit different than the past layoffs.

Most layoff cuts head counts across the company. But, according to CEO, this layoff was "“Through the restructuring, Autodesk seeks to streamline the organization and re-balance resources to better align with the company’s priorities,”

They basically closed/discontinued a lot of teams which is not “align with the company’s priorities” and “re-balance resources” to the team which is core to their business. 3dsMax is the one of the “flagship” product within Autodesk along with AutoCAD and Revit.

I know a few of 3dsMax dev I know let go. But, I’m also seeing a lot of new 3dsMax dev after “restructuring”.
So… I would not worry about EOL. :slight_smile:


With the latest updates, which were substantial (bitfrost and these “fundamental changes under the hood”), isn’t there a change in strategy and a will to elevate 3dsmax to the next level and thus keeping it relevant?


Honestly, I’ve no idea what their direction is.

The Bifrost thing, while welcome, has come so late in the day, I would guess that most Max users who wanted fluids would have invested in PhoenixFD (which also does fire/smoke etc)

My keeping current is more about third party plugins than what’s in Max.

Arnold doesn’t feature on my radar, nor does their implementation of fluids, or MCG.

The bigger worry for me is the march to rental, the jacking up of maintenance subscriptions to match rental, I just wish they’d stop being so brutal towards users by stripping away options.

Upgrades, 30 days grace, perpetuals, legacy for subscribers only - all that does is push me away from dealing with Autodesk.

Their relationship with their users is abominable and patronising - and I don’t see any indication of willingness to change tack.


Thank you for your input


After successfully moving to the cloud, Autodesk will now invest heavily in blockchain technology with its very own Autodesk Blockchain, to be able to assist users with the correct and intended use of Autodesk software. All renderings will be registered in and paid via this blockchain.
Autodesk CEO: Artists don’t want to care about licenses, plans and different options. We have listened and have lifted the burden of choice off their shoulders. Now you’ll be paying a unified affordable monthly base fee, considerably less than the rent for a two bedroom apartment *, and you’ll be charged for each render fully automatically.
No more need for distracting and time-consuming paperwork! Just take a sunset stroll at the beach instead.
All you have to do is to buy enough Autodesk Tokens ahead of time or allow direct debit payment.

  • in most parts of the world

Edit: This is of course not a real Autodesk statement. Should be clear, but just to be sure.


Joking/Not joking
Backburner will be broken
Random items in the menus and viewport labels will be moved around and renamed
Added support for additional language: Silbo Gomero. Will load all language files regardless of region\UI\OS settings. New language files require 1TB of drive space for language .WAVs
Max executable will use less ram on load but will load 10x as many internet related processes
Help and SDK documentation will only be accessable through A360 (A360 credits required)
Mandatory 2019 material library install so libraries from other Max versions won’t be lonely
No lightweight minimal install option
That plugin you need to get anything done won’t be updated for 3 months. Will then need another 3 months for another Product Update to fix the things the last PU broke
Welcome screen will play unskippable ad from https://videos.autodesk.com/zencoder/content/dam/autodesk/www/campaigns/maya-upgrade/ADSK_YourMax.mp4


I don’t know. While the company has a bad reputation - yes, the userbase has been tricked, screwed and milked - their developers are really working hard on improving Max and giving us the tools we keep asking for. Maybe not in all areas, but ask those who are active on the beta and you’ll probably get positive feedback from most folks. Not that everything is awesome but there has been a shift in how they approach tasks and it has improved a lot over the last years.

If you really want to see Max become better each year, submit all the bugs, test new releases and give them constructive feedback. Sarcasm and irony are all good but they won’t replace a professional attitude. Also, keep in mind that a lot of the folks who work on Max now were users like me and you years ago and many of them have been around here, too. Give them props, they deserve it. They lifted some heavy stuff in the last few years and they know both sides of the story.