Exp.3 Entrant's Entry


I am hoping to

Edit The CGtalk browser just submitted before I had a chance to write. Not fair! Anyhow, this is a work I’ve done hopefully to submit for Expose 3. I don’t know if it will fly, so I am posting it here to beg for scathing criticism. Tear this to shreads, because I want it to be accepted. Criticism makes the work better so be brutal.

Thank you for your help,



…interesting work… if I were to have at it, there’s a couple things I’d be sure to change… the figure seems to be very lost in all that is going on - maybe adjust tones and density in certain areas to bring it out more… and secondly, the texture stuff is nice, but there’s wayyy too much going on. I’d either lighten up a lot of that stuff around the figure or just keep only some of it. I think that will help with the first point mentioned as well, where this will hopefully bring back some of the lost figure… good luck!


Great points, pal. I’ll look into that tonight, and get another post up in a few days.
By the way, I tried to upload the image, but cgtalk didn’t take. It just posted the URL and didn’t insert the image. Wonder why…


Here is an update of the image after I added in the previous idea. Anything else?


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